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IN HER MOTHER’S TONGUE Bilingual updated Edition of ReiSegeokk Soraave Women Authors Who Live In the U.S. and Write in German EMERSON PRESS 1136 Emerson Denver, CO 80218 PLAIN FACTS ABOUT SIMPLE FUNERALS Isn’t it time we started to stress the spiritual aspects of funerals rather than the material? Many people spend more on funerals than the deceased would wish because they do not realize their options or they are afraid of “what people will think.” At Reveley Memorial Services we explain your choices, and let you know we are in agreement with your desire for simplicity. No pressure is brought upon you. Many times all arrangements can be completed at your residence. Reveley Memorial Services offers you the following possibilities: A service at the location of your choice, with or without the casket present Graveside Services in the cemetery of your choice Cremation Donation to medical science Shipping We have a selection of caskets, including a cremation receptacle, a plain pine coffin, cloth covered woods, or metals. We can travel anywhere, and serve a 100 mile radius of San Antonio at no additional fee. We believe that money lavished on funerals should be spent on your family, your church, or your favorite charity. Discuss this with your family now, while you can. Call us for pre-need planning, or any information you may need. REVELEY MEMORIAL SERVICES 533-8141 San Antonio of San Antonio Simple Funerals Austin/441-7500 Information Autographed copies of AFTERNOON OF A FAUN by Shelby Hearon WATSON & COMPANY Name BOOKS Address 604 BLANCO STREET MC/VISA # AUSTIN, TEXAS 78703 Exp. Date $15.10 per copy, including postage, tax and handling Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 NOW YOU CAN PUSH THE BUTTON TO STOP A NUCLEAR WAR. 800-528-6050 EXT. 99 ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78″731 512 45:3-15:33 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip Emerson Press presents just in time for the tricentenial celebration of German immigration to the United States: A bilingual anthology, English and German, of works by 29 German and Austrian women, 1938-1983. 395 pages. $11.80. Ronnie Dugger: “Heard’s accounts of the Bees in hiding are the pure gold of real history.” Bryan Woolley \(Dallas Times “It ought to be right beside the Alamo books.” “The Miracle of the KILLER BEES: . 12 Senators Who Changed Texas Politics” by Robert Heard Honey Hill Publishing Co. 1022 Bonham Terrace, Austin, Texas 78704 $7.95 plus $1.03 tax and shipping THE TEXAS OBSERVER 23