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a great moment in the history of American civil liberties.”Gore Vidal FEAR ON TRIAL John Henry Faulk Foreword by STUDS TERKEL First published in 1964, . John Henry Faulk’s dramatic account of his six harrowirig years on the “blacklist” remains a timeless, searing indictment of the subversion of civil rights. During the McCarthy era, Faulk was host of his own radio program in New York when he publicly challenged AWARE, an ultrapatriotic group engaged in the blacklisting of entertainment figures. In response, AWARE accused Faulk himself of subversive associations. With Louis Nizer as his attorney, Faulk brought suit against AWARE. Thus began one of the landmark civil rights cases of this century. Although many famous people were involved in the Faulk case, the hero is Faulk himself, a man whoin the words of Studs Terkel”faced the bastards and beat them down.” $17.50 $7.95 Paperback At bookstores Fine Food and Drink located behind the historic Tarpon Inn, Port Aransas. University of Texas Press Box 7819 Austin, Texas 78712 Maverick Books presents the gifts that keep on giving. For any special occasion or just pure enjoyment order from our list of fine western books by John R. Erickson: Hank The Cowdog $5.95 paper Hank the Cowdog Tape set $19.95 Panhandle Cowboy $5.95 paper Modern Cowboy $15.95 cloth The Devil in Texas $5.95 paper Through Time and the Valley $7.95 paper Complete autographed set $39.95. Add 5% sales tax for Texas residents. $1.00 postage on single orders, 50$ per book on multiples. /er, AVER.’ CK 80–=.;177 OOKS 1101 Baylor Perryton, Texas 79070 Postmaster. If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 CLASSIFIED NUCLEAR ARMS CONTROL HOTLINE. Call control and military budget legislation, and what you can do about it. Updated weekly. 100 Maryland Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002. Council for a Livable World. JOIN THE ACLU. Membership $20. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 600 West 7th, Austin 78701. DRAFT REGISTRATION QUESTIONS? Draft counseling available from American Friends Ser474-2399. LECTURES ON HUMAN EMOTIONS one lecture or a series. Lois Fahs Timmins, Ed.D. 22 years psychiatric experience. Inquiries welcomed. 6145 Anita St., Dallas, Texas 75214. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS ACORN needs organizers to work with low and moderate income families in 16 states for political and economic justice. Direct action on neighborhood deterioration, utility rates, taxes, health care. Tangible results and enduring rewards long hours and low pay. Training provided. Contact ACORN at TEXAS BOOKS & AUTHORS MAGAZINE: $10.00 for six issues. Write Dept. A-6, Box 13622, Houston 77007. WE DON’T EXPECT EVERY WOMAN to join the National Organization for Women. Just the 100,000,000 who are discriminated against and the men who care. $27. Texas NOW, Box 1131, Richardson, TX 75080. PENN JONES of Midlothian raised a stink while . almost everybody else was “going along.” A few copies remain of H. C. Nash’s study of one of the most tenacious critics of the Warren Report: Citizen’s Arrest: The Dissent of Penn Jones, Jr., in the Assassination of JFK. Cloth $7.95, pg. $2.95, plus $1.00 handling. H. C. Nash, 812 Colonial Ave., Colonial Beach, VA 22443. WHEATSVILLE FOOD CO-OP. 3101 Guadalupe, Austin 78705. Open 9-9. RESEARCH/WRITING/EDITING HELP: Literature reviews, finished drafts, revised drafts, copy editing, proofreading. I am particularly interested in helping legislative committees research and prepare mandated interim reports. Former Senate Journal and Legislative Council proofreader. Thirty-five years of freelance writing experience. Jack M. Swartout, 300 Brentwood SUNBELT COMIX “Hammers,” “Yankee Funnies,” “Watermelon Acres,” and other stories about life in the sunbelt. $1 a copy, plus 37C postage. Sunbelt Comix, 10149 Hammerly #28, Houston, Texas 77080. LEGAL RESEARCH. LAW STUDENTS provide reasonably. Mark Ryan, “Law,” Box 116, Dallas, Texas 75275. BACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING. Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box 44, FREEWHEELING BICYCLES. 2404 San Gabriel, Austin. For whatever your bicycle needs. BOOK HUNTING? No obligation search for rare or out-of-print books. Ruth and John McCully, ARRoad, Austin 78746. DUGGER & SON INC. Homebuilding, commercial building, remodeling, additions, repairs, fences. Write Gary Dugger at 3103 Wabash, Austin 78705, or come by. Classified advertising is 30 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 .times, 10%. 32 JUNE 24, 1983