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VTV Manager of the Year LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR BILL HOBBY Crafty, pugnacious operator . . . Adapted strategy to suit new line-up, which included ten rookies and power to leftand left-center in an arena where the right-field fence has always been a much shorter distance . . . Understated, given to brooding . . . Allowed veterans like Mauzy and Farabee great deal of responsibility in leading less-experienced through committee politics … Favored down-the-middle plucky Caperton at the expense of power hitter Doggett on PUC reform . . . Good staff . . . Willing to pay more to get more . . . Knows every trick in the book . . . One late-season mistake when he abandoned the book and did not recognize Doggett amendment to cut off Sarpalius filibuster of farmworkers compensation but plans to make amends in postseason play. Ob server All Stars TED LYON DEMOCRAT-MESQUITE Smart, ambitious, and willing to take a stand while at the same time managing to work with the lobby . . . Important pieces of legislation included nursing home reform, lowered interest rate ceilings on bank credit cards, agricultural storage bonds, the Texas Wildlife Conservation Act, and ethics reform . . . Relies on an excellent staff that sometimes pushes him to go for more than he might be inclined to do otherwise . . . Probably wants to be attorney general. LLOYD DOGGETT DEMOCRAT-AUSTIN A master tactician who works harder than almost anyone in the Senate . . . finally had some allies in the Senate .. . Not as visible on the issues as in the past some say because he had help this session, others say because he was spending a portion of his time campaigning for John Tower’s seat . . . Missed a few committee meetings and occasionally came off the campaign trail exhausted . . . still passed as many bills as ever and missed campaign stops when key vote needed . . . still the best in committee hearings . . . supporters say he worked even harder this time to get involved with statewide issues . . . “A pinnacle of integrity,” said frequent foe John Montford . . . champion of consumer, labor, and social welfare issues . . . Major accomplishments: passed bills prohibiting armor-piercing ammunition, providing for the administration of federal block grants, preserving certain views of the state capitol, regulating monopolies, requiring reporting of prisoner deaths, covering workers compensation funeral benefits; carried the fight for regulation of nursing homes, workers’ right-to-know about hazardous materials, prevailing wage on public works projects, open meetings and records, teacher retirement funds, election of the PUC and anti-discriminatory employment practices. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5