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graphed by other countries through the windows of planes. Moreover, its adminMrator’s at one time gave tours of the place to, among others, reporters for the supposedly anti-establishment news magazine Mother Jones. In spite of this, Pantex also is surrounded by a deliberate aura of mystery. It is illegal even to photograph the plant from a considerable distance, according to the fine print on the sign at the so-called .”Public Access Point”: DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY PANTEX PLANT ENTER ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS ONLY I once met someone who entered Pantex on Official Business. He was the ambassador of God. I don’t recall everything about LaDon Sheets. His brother was a preacher in Lubbock who ran for office on a far-right ticket, lost, and moved out East. He was himself a business school graduate, worked in Manhattan for a famous company. Something happened on the road to Damascus, and he found he was fired because of it. So he farmed at Koinonia with Clarence Jordan, preached unbidden like Peter in the USAF Academy Chapel, served time for civil disobedience, worked in a soup-kitchen on Baltimore’s skid row and stayed with the Berrigans at Jonah House. In 1981 he returned to Texas to climb the barbed-wire at Final Assembly and pray. “But why?”, someone asked him. His answer ran something like this: “An abomination stands where it ought not. National security, the nuclear deterrent; these are the Baals of Amer ica, the gods in whom we trust. It is written in Isaiah: ‘Woe to those who build their hopes on cavalry, who rely on the number of chariots and the strength of mounted men, but never consult the Lord, for the Lord will stretch out His hand to make the protector stumble; the protected will fall and all will perish together.’ This is the idolatry of the secular state. “I am a soldier in the army of light. I wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the Sovereignties and Powers who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil in the heights. Violent struggle is useless; no material weapon can overcome the Antichrist. Ordinary politics publicity, propaganda, the utilization of the media is also useless. The Devil is the master of propaganda. To climb a fence, to pray, Friends Service Cmte., 474-2399; Amnesty Intl., Group 107, Cindy Torrance, Bx. 4951, Aus. 78765; Austinites for Public Transportation, 3rd Tue., 441-2651; Aus. Lambda, every Mon., 478-8653; Lesbian-Gay Pol. Caucus, 4th Tue., & LesbianGay Demos. of Tx., 478-8653; Aus. Nghbrhood, Ccl., 4th Wed., 442-8411; Aus. Nghbrhood Fund, 3rd Mon., 451-2347; Aus. Tenants’ Ccl., 474-1961; Aus. Women’s Political Caucus, 1st & 3rd Tues., 472-3606; Black Aus. Demos., 478-6576; Brotherhood of Viet. Vets., every Sun., 443-4830; Central Aus. Demos., 3rd Wed., 477-6487; Central Tx. ACLU, 477-4335; Central Tx. Lignite Watch, Travis Co., 479-0678; Citizens’ Coalition for an Economical Energy Policy, 474-4738; Cmte. in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador Cmte., 2nd Wed., 453-2556; Ecology Action, 4781645; El Centro Chicano, 477-7769 or 476-3747; Gray Panthers, 4th Thu., 345-1869; IMPACT, 4723903; LULAC, 2nd Wed., 451-3219; Max’s Pot \(ap1st Sat., 928-4786; Mxn. Amn. Demos., 1st Mon., 444-7688 or 472-9211; New Amn. Movement, every other Sun., 454-2888 or 478-2096; NOW, 2nd & last Wed., 472-3775; Nurses’ Environmental Health Watch, 4543932; Northeast Aus. Demos., 2nd Tue., 836-3533; Phogg Foundation, Box 13549, Aus.; Save Barton Creek, every Tue., 472-4104; Sierra Club, 1st Tue., 478-1264; Socialist Party of Tx., 2nd Tue., 4523722; South Aus. Demos., 447-4091; Tx. Abortion Citizens Party, 451-3864; Tx. Consumer Assn., 477-1882; Tx. Mobilization for Survival, Sun., wkly., 474-5877; Travis Audubon Scty., 3rd Thu., 447-7155 or 477-6282; Travis Cty. Demo. Women, every Fri., 453-3243; Travis Cty. YD’s, 453-3796; Univ. Mobilization for Survival, wkly., 476-4503; UT YD’s, 452-8516; West Aus. Demos., 2nd Thu., 454-1291; Zilker Park Posse, 472-1053. SAN ANTONIO Demos. for Action, Research & Education 0351; Fellowship of Reconciliation ACLU, 2246791; Amnesty Int’l., U.S. Group 127, Julia Powell, 828-4141; Women’s Political Caucus, 2nd Tues., 655-3724; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224-1061; Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power, 1st & 3rd Weds., 655-0543; Communities Organized for Public Service Demos for Action, Research & Education volunteers needed, 4th Wed ., 674-0351; LatinAmerican Assistance, alternate Sats., 732-0960; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 3rd Mon., Walter Martinez, 227-1341; NAACP, 4th Fri., 224-7636; Organizations United for East Side Development, last Tue., 824-4422; People for Peace, 2nd Th., 822-3089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 1st Mon., Dr. Martin Batiere, 691-0375; Poor People’s Coalition for Human Services, 923-3037; Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Environmental Demo. League, 1st Thu., 344-1497; S. A. Gay Alliance, last Wed., Metropolitan Commnty. Church, 102 S. Pine; Sierra Club, 3rd Tue., 341-5990; United Citizens Project Planning and Operating Corp. DALLAS ACLU, 2001 McKinney, Suite 330; ACORN, 823-4580; Amn. Friends Service Cmte., 321-8643; American Indian Center, 826-8856; Amnesty Intl., U.S. Group 205, 361-4690; Armadillo Coalition, 1st Wed., 349-1970; AMIGOS, 339-9461; Audubon Society, 341-2534; Bois d’Arc Patriots, 827-2632; Bread for the World, Dist. 3, Joe Haag, 7411991×298 & 495-1494; Brotherhood of Viet Vet., 224-9750; Brown Berets, 337-4135; Citizens’ Assn. Comm. Health, 1st Fri., 363-2979; Clean Air Coalition, 387-2785; Comanche Peak Life Force, Wed. wkly, 337-5885; Cmte. in Solidarity with the PeoAlliance, 2nd Mon., 528-4233; E. Dal. Nghbrhood Assn., 3rd Mon., 827-1181; Frederick Douglass Voting Council, every Fri., 426-1867; Gray Panthers of Dallas-Fort Worth, 2nd Sat., 227-8332; Love Field Cit. Action Cmte., 526-8481; Low Income Housing Security Cmte., 748-5861; Nghborhood Info. & Action Service, 827-2632; Neighbors United for Quality Ed., 823-6713; NOW 742-6918; NOW Solar Club, 659-5254; Progressive Voters League, 372-8168; Sierra Club, 2nd Wed., 369-5543; 750-9736; S. Central Civic League, 375-5038; S.E. Dal. Nghbrhood Club, every 4th Sat., 421-7931; Sound 6960; Txns. for Handgun Control, 528-3985; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 352-8370; Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; 526-1853; Urban Affairs Center 372-6801; War Resisters League, 337-5885; W. Dal. Nghbrhood Group, 3rd Wed., 631-1586. FORT WORTH ACLU, 534-6883; ACORN, \(11 924-1401, board meets mthly; Armadillo Coalition, 927-0808; Bread for the World, 924-1440 \(Dist. Citizens for Fair Utility Regulation, 478-6372; Coalition of Labor Union Women, 469-1202. Dist. 10 Demos., 2nd Sat., 535-7803; First Friday, 1st Fri., 927-0808: F.W. Tenants’ Ccl., 923-5071; IMPACT, \(telephone chain, works largely through progressive Protestant Mental Health Assn., 2nd & 4th Tue., 335-5405; NOW, 3rd Th., 336-3943; Precinct Workers Cl., 3rd Th., 429-2706; Senatorial Dist. 12 Demos., 2nd Sat. or 2nd Wed., 457-1560; Sierra Club, 3rd Wed., 923-9718; StuCty. Demo Women’s Club, 2nd Sat., 451-8133, 927-5169; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos \(F. W. 534-7737; Women’s Political Caucus, 1st Wed., 336-8700. GREATER TEXAS Alta Loma: Brotherhood of Viet. Vet., 925-6405. Amarillo: ACLU, 373-7200; Panhandle Environmental Awareness Cmte., 376-8903; Northwest Tx. Clergy and Laity Concerned, 2nd Tue., 373-8668. Bastrop: Central Tx. Lignite Watch, Bastrop Co., 321-5250. Beaumont: ACLU, 898-0743; Amnesty Int’l, group 221, Karen Dweyer, 420 Longmeadow, Beaumont 77707; Brotherhood of Viet Vets, 7274873. Brownsville: ACLU, 541-4874. Bryan: ACLU, Box 4523, 77805; Brazos Society for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy, 822-1882. Corpus Christi: American GI Forum, 241-8647; Coastal Bend Chapter Sierra Club, 3rd Tues., 883-0586; Gulf Coast Conservation Assoc., 991-9690; League of Women Voters, 852-6443; LULAC, 882-8284; NAACP, 883-2931; NOW, 883-4469; Org. for the 881-6308; Women’s Pol. Caucus, 854-1080. Denton: ACLU, 387-5126. El Paso: ACLU, 545-2990; Amnesty Int’l, Group 189, 584-4869. Lubbock: ACLU, 765-8393. Midland: Brotherhood of Viet. Vets., 684-3768. Nacogdoches: Pineywoods Coalition, 218 W. Austin St., Nacogdoches. San Juan: ACLU, 787-8171. Temple: Brotherhood of Viet Vets, 7737987. Waco: ACLU, 755-3611. HOUSTON ACLU, 524-5925; ACORN, 523-6989; Amns. for Demo. Action, 522-9544; Amnesty Intl., Group 23, 868-0707; Brotherhood of Viet. Vet., 728-4857; Citizens’ 522-3343; Concilio de Organizaciones Chicanos, P.O. Box 9, Houston 77001; Demo. Socialist Organizing Cmte., 921-6906; Gay Political Caucus, 1st and 3rd Weds., 521-1000; Harris Cty. Concerned Women, 674-6798; Harris Cty. Demos., quarterly, 528-2057; Houston Area Women’s Center, 528-6798; Lesbian and Gay Demos. of Texas, 521-1000; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 6944 Navigation, Houston 77011; Mockingbird Alliance, 747-1837; NAACP, 1018 Clebourne, Houston 77001; PASO, 6176 Fairfield, Houston 77023; Senate Dist. 15 Demo. Coalition, 862-8431; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos., 674-0968; Tx. Demos., 667-6194; UofH YD’s, 749-7347; Westside Demos., 464-2536. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13