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resentative from Mesquite, and potential candidate Bill Bass, the former state representative. “Mainly John’s concern is that a good person is elected,” Carl said. Hannah For AG vi Former U.S. Attorney John Hannah, Jr. has jumped into the attorney general’s race. Now serving as special federal prosecutor in a corruption investigation in Northeast Texas counties, Hannah plans to run a campaign focusing on public integrity. Thirty new indictments of county officials he plans to announce in the next few days certainly won’t hurt that effort. Martin Picked on? to’ Rep. Mike Martin, still planning a re-election try despite his legal difficulties, is demanding access to the financial records of all 150 House members. “We’re just trying to find out for campaign purposes how many representatives are overspent,” the freshman lawmaker from Longview told Ann Arnold of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “I feel like I’m being picked on.” The House Administration Committee in August cut off Martin’s allowance, saying he had overspent the $4500-amonth budget by $14,033. Phones were disconnected in Martin’s office, and his district office in Longview .was closed. Martin said he wants to find out who else went over the budget. Martin is to go on trial Feb. 8 in Fredericksburg on charges of aggravated perjury in connection with statements he made to the Travis County grand jury about his July 31 shooting in an Austin trailer park. He told authorities, you’ll recall, that the devil specifically a Satanic cult did it; Martin’s cousin Charles Goff told authorities the devil made him do it, that he and Martin staged the incident. This holiday season, wake up your friends with a gift subscription to the Observer. name The first one-year subscription \(or the regular price. A second subscription is $15. All additional gifts are only $10 each. Your friends will receive announcements of your gifts just before Christmas. name address city state zip address city state zip your name address city state zip money enclosed The Texas Observer 600 West 7th Street bill me this is my renewal Austin, Texas 78701 16 DECEMBER 18, 1981