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A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance Co.Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Or another example for years, we’ve been buying equipment that is more and more expensive per unit. So we’re forced to buy fewer and fewer for the same money. This year, as a result, we’ll buy fewer airplanes and fewer ships than last year even though we’re spending more. We need to change the kinds of weapons we build to get them in the numbers we need. Last week, I’m proud to say, the Congress adopted my proposal that we begin to design smaller aircraft carriers which we can afford in greater numbers so in the 1980s, we’ll have more ships at sea. Democrats are becoming the party of military effectiveness because we are insisting on: buying weapons that meet our real military needs, instead of giving every defense interest an arbitrary, bureaucratic “slice of the pie”; paying less attention to organization charts in the Defense Department and paying more to battlefield effectiveness; promoting creative and imaginative officers who understand combat; and, spending our money on what we need to fight and win. Spare parts, fuel, adequate training aren’t glamorous, but they’re vitally important for combat readiness. Spending for the readiness of our armed services must not be cut. Spending issues are often the wrong issues. And they lead to false choices with profound consequences for our Country. Let others seek the biggest defense money can buy; we will seek only the best defense. False choices plague our economy as well. Now I don’t want to say too much about economics. I remember Will Rogers’ saying, “Medical science has two ways of actually tracing insanity. One is if the patient cuts out paper dolls, and the other is if the patient says, ‘Hey, listen, I will tell you what this economic business really means!’ ” What on earth would Will Rogers have said about an Administration that in 90 days has created a recession out of a gigantic tax cut? I don’t believe and Democrats don’t believe that we have come to the point where we must choose the rich over the poor, tax cuts for the wealthy over lunches for our children, or pie in the sky theories over sound economic policies. Those are false choices. They distract us from the real issues jobs and prosperity. You in Dallas and we in Denver have seen our cities transformed by a surge of new business activity. Electronics firms, communications firms, a whole range of businesses dealing in services and technologies that didn’t exist a decade or two ago. Now our challenge is to stimulate that same kind of growth throughout the country. First, we can encourage the growth of the most vital sectors of the economy, by removing the barriers in our corporate tax system. Right now, these biases divert capital to slowgrowing, traditional manufacturing industries and private corporate takeovers at the expense of more dynamic service and high-tech industries. And our tax policies penalize small business as well even though they are the source of most new jobs. Second, we must expand our international trade, by reducing trade barriers and permitting our businesses to compete effectively abroad. And third, we can maintain our world leadership in science and technology one of our greatest strengths by promoting Federal leadership in basic research, giving better tax breaks for research and development, and ensuring we train enough scientists, engineers, and technicians. Of course, rebuilding our economy will require much more than this. It will take budget restraint and sensible growth in our money supply. It will take true tax reform to spur saving and provide relief for all families. But most of all, it will take a new way of looking at our economy a new sense of what our strengths are a new understanding of where the business opportunities and jobs of the future will be. Democrats are moving beyond the false choices in other areas as well. We know, for example, that we don’t have to rape our public lands, pollute our beaches, and destroy our natural heritage to meet our economic goals. We know we can meet our energy needs here at home without paying billions in tribute each year to the oil sheiks of the Middle East. And we know we can stand firm against Soviet expansionism Without currying the favor of right-wing tyrants and dictators. We’re here tonight to support to help reelect a Democrat who sees beyond the false choices. A Democrat who is confident about the future. And a Democrat who is being recognized as one of the bright, young leaders of this Party. Here is another Texan who is commanding the respect of his nation the second freshman Democrat appointed to the House Rules Committee this century. I’ve worked with Martin Frost. I know his commitment, his courage, his confidence. And I know how he values and respects our Democratic tradition. This is a party founded on a bedrock of human values and principle. And, as Martin knows, those principles remain a source of our strength. We must never abandon them. We are proud our party stands for civil rights and equal rights for women, for as Americans, we have a common bond in liberty; We are proud our party stands for economic opportunity in a fair society, for as Americans, we have a common bond in justice; And we are proud our party stands and fights for human rights and against dictators and tyrannies, for as Americans, we have a common bond in freedom. We share a unique vision of America. A vision of abundance, not want; freedom, not tyranny; peace, not war; and hope, not fear. We hold the heritage of hope. That is our dream. That is our vision. And that is our promise. American Income Life Insurance Company EXECUTIVE OFFICES: P.O. BOX 208, WACO, TEXAS 78703, 817-772-3050 BERNARD RAPOPORT Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer THE TEXAS OBSERVER 23