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Tables prepared by the House subcommittee on Social Security in Washington show that Reagan’s May proposals, enacted and in full effect, would cut the average Social Security benefit at age 65 to 88% of its present level by 1987. So Reagan is after the old who have earned their retirement, too; his hate of “welfare” confuses his mind into crushing the old, as well as the needy. The people’s reaction against the naked brutality of the Reagan Administration’s progams in reality that reaction has begun. For the first time in modern memory, public opinion is evenly divided on whether to cut the military budget to get a balanced budget, and the people are now generally opposed to more welfare cuts, except in the case of food stamps. The members of Congress, including the Texans, who have given the rich more riches and the poor these brutal wounds, as Reagan asked them to, must answer to the voters and themselves. Citizens who fail to look through the rhetoric to the reality are just as responsible for the human damage as Mr. Reagan, himself. Citizens committed to social justice and social order must hope that the reaction against Reagan finds its flow before the November, 1982, elections and becomes to the Congress a terrible message of anger. Otherwise, God help the central cities. R.D. A Coffin Revelation Once again, from Tristram Coffin, editor of the Washington Spectator, in one of his letters to Bernard Rapoport of Waco, we have the essential truth from Washington, 1981: “Like Secretary Watt, I have revelations, too. I have just discovered what 24 NOVEMBER 20, 1981 Reaganomics is all about. It is a revival of “The Great American Dream” pushed by escapist, romantic novels and movies of the 1930’s and 1940’s, the idea that the chosen people are the very rich. They lead charming lives, spreading joy with their jewels and furs and parties, and giving the poor the leavings of the table. “Anything that interferes with this fantasy taxes, regulations, labor unions, limits on the use of resources, antipollution laws, etc. are scrapped, destroyed, knocked out. “Along with this fantasy are two others: “The way to deal with the Russian paranoia is to scare the pants off them with MX, B-1, and anything else lying around on the drawing boards. “The way to deal with the disaffected, alienated and criminal is to throw them in the dungeon. “Unfortunately, the fantasies conflict with one another, and really never worked in the first place. “A crunch will come next year after the budget cuts take effect, bringing on considerable unemployment, loss of income, loss of tax revenue. This will be coupled with higher military expenditures, and together these will mean large government deficits, shocking cases of need and deprivation, and massive public resentment. The British riots may be child’s play compared to what we might see a year from this winter. “The reaction of the Reagan Administration is predictable. When Reagan was Governor, he and Meese sent armed police to the Berkeley campus to beat up, arrest, tear gas, and even kill. This is likely to be repeated on a national scale. Meese added a new wrinkle in a recent talk detentive arrest. Also, wire-taps, dossiers. The Reagan gang might even dust off on old Nixon idea to declare a state of national emergency and rule by fiat, with or without the approval of Congress. “This very hard line of repression was predicted by Carey McWilliams in a piece he wrote before he died for the Los Angeles Times. “There are reasonable alternatives to the Reagan path. I know this because I read the Congressional Record and journals of labor unions. But the media generally ignores the liberal-left and bows down to the Establishment in power.”D