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g innys ‘ COPYING SERVICE Copying Binding Printing Color Copying Graphics Word Processing Austin Lubbock Son Marcos Life Insurance and Annuities kith Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 I I I I I I got beat when he changed the squirrel season in his home county. ALL IN ALL my quarter century in the legislature was exhilarating and depressing. We started creating new facilities for the retarded with the Denton School, and Truett Latimer of Abilene let me co-author the bill. Over 2,000 retarded persons were on waiting lists, and four years later when I passed my first Senate bill to create the Richmond School the number was still 2,000 or more; it remained as large for many more years. Outright bigots and their misguided friends in Fort Bend County killed my bill to name the institution there after our assassinated President, John Kennedy. Great folks to represent while trying to help our less fortunate citizens and honor a public servant. Conditions in mental hospitals were worse. Treatment was minimal or nonexistent. Prisons were inadequate then as now in perhaps a better system. Social services were nonexistent. If your mother or father was a victim of a stroke you had several choices, all bad: Keep them at home and care for them 24 hours a day; pay for a nursing home \(no federal committed to a mental hospital as insane. There was no other public facility for the aged and infirm. “The good ole days” weren’t so good. The business lobby dictated the terms of workmen’s compensation laws, and injured workmen were denied decent compensation and cheated out of adequate medical care. Unemployment compensation was called “Pennies” by the unemployed, and appropriately. Labor and the Texas State Teachers’ Assn. were the only people’s lobby in Austin. They still are alone for all practical purposes except for the consumer PUT YOUR BELIEFS INTO ACTION…. 1 Housing, 1 1 izm in OPen : I invest I I Help fight racial segregation. Invest in a non-profit fund which finances affordable mortgages for minorities and whites making housing moves that foster racially diverse neighborhoods. For facts, clip and mail to: 0 B 4 Morris Milgram Fund for an OPEN Society 1901 East-West Highway, T-2 Silver Spring, MD 20910 Name . Address . Zip ‘This is not an offer to sell these securities The uttering is made only by the Investment Descriptionavailable only in states where these securities may be.ollered LIMO I111 minammionimammuldi 20 AUGUST 14, 1981 The “tuition equalization grant” coriates in the accompanying article provides millions of state tax dollars to pay tuition costs of students in private Texas colleges and universities, most of them church schools. In fiscal year 1981 the grants averaged $712 per student and went to 18,357 students at 45 private institutions; the total tax money thus spent was $13,068,000. In fiscal ’82 the appropriation for TEG is $17.2 million, in fiscal ’83 $19 million. According to Mack C. Adams, assistant commissioner for student services at the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, the checks go out in batches to the business offices of the colleges, but are made out to the students, who go by and pick them up. Students getting the state money have to be enrolled for at least half of a full course load and cannot be enrolled in a program for a theological or religion degree. In the $13 million 1981 program, these amounts were allocated to students at the following institutions \(rounded to the Baylor, $2,103,000; Southern Meth lobby and various environmental groups. Sometimes the Texas trial lawyers do the people’s work. In Texas, where it is needed the most, Common Cause is a failure for reasons still vague to all of us. It would all get better when we won the redistricting cases. Then the minorities would integrate the legislature, even for Republicans, and we would storm the walls of the King’s castle. They did and we did but. we are the odist University, $1,176,000; Texas Christian University, $917,000; Abilene Christian, $751,000; Trinity, $619,000; St. Mary’s, $614,000; Rice, $572,000; and, taking the other institutions alphabetically: Austin College, $333,000; Bishop College, $107,000; Concordia, $103,000; Dallas Baptist, $145,000; East Texas Baptist, $144,000; Hardin-Simmons, $325,000; Howard Payne, $257,000; Houston Baptist, $418,000; Huston-Tillotson, $108,000; Incarnate Word, $308,000; Jacksonville College, $59,000; Letourneau College, $26,000; Lon Morris College, $94,000; Lubbock Christian, $240,000; Hardin-Baylor, $245,000; McMurry, $306,000; Our Lady of the Lake, $255,000; Paul Quinn, $105,000; Schreiner, $64,000; Southwestern Assembly of God, $54,000; Southwestern Christian, $8,000; Southwestern Adventist, $81,000; Southwestern University, $300,000; St. Edward’s, $283,000; Texas Chiropractic, $79,000; Jarvis Christian, $109,000; Texas College, $75,000; Texas Lutheran, $255,000; Texas Wesleyan, $309,000; University of Dallas, $233,000; University of St. Thomas, $296,000; Wayland Baptist, $124,000; Wiley College, $105,000; Baylor College of Dentistry, $13,000; Baylor College of Medicine, $9,000; South Texas College of Law, $252,000; Baylor School of Nursing, $41,000; American Technological, $48,000. same. The longest journey does indeed begin with one step in my life, with my one step to the Senate. For 20 years some of us worked to persuade the Speakers, Lieutenant Governors, and Governors to let Texas make a little progress. I tilted at all the windmills and at least for a time my enemies were equally divided 15 on each side of every issue. I was happy when Oscar Mauzy came to the Senate, because then we each had one friend. History reflects that our gains were far exceeded by our losses. As our hospitals got better, our prisons got worse. Our schools got better, but parents say Johnny can’t read, or add, or subtract. Federal Justice Wayne Justice had to first impose a federal court order upon the state to achieve the humane treatment of juveniles in our state facilities, and then in 1981 he had to require change and supervision of our prisons, where 3,000 prisoners sleep on the floor each night. State Money to Church Colleges I I I I I I I I I