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Ike our growing record department. with new and used LP’s for a variety of musical tastes And you thought we were just second-hand paperbacks! GREB0015:1E9IRAs WE SELL AND BUY ANYTHING PRINTED OR RECORDED classified_ human beings. The world revolution, we call it. We are asked to help these rising peoples. We are asked, by other parties, to crush them. We are told they are human, like us. We are told, by other parties, they are led by communist demons. To be a good citizen in such a time and in such a world, it is not enough to be informed at home, now we must be informed, and as best we can, about the whole world. Fifth, there is the persuasiveness of civic despair in a time when existence itself seems bureaucratized. Paperwork, numbers, requirements parking meters, airport searches taxes, fines refunds, credit, insurance we are bureaucratized by governments at all levels and by corporations in our various personal relationships to them. THEN there is the oncoming terminal nuclear war. We do not know that it will come. But we have little reason for hoping that it will not. Albert Einstein, who spoke with a terrible authority about nuclear power, said the truth before he died. Considering the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the fierceness of nationalism as the world’s organizing principle, speaking of the probabilities as a scientist, Einstein said a nuclear holocaust is overwhelmingly likely. George Kistiakowsky, who was head of the Manhattan Project’s Explosives Division and was scientific adviser to Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson, said last year “I think that with the kind of political leaders we have in the world .. n nuclear weapons will proliferate. . . . I personally think that the likelihood for an initial use of nuclear warheads is really quite great between now and the end of this century, which is only 20 years hence.” He continued, “My own estimate, will probably die from some other cause. But looking around at all these young people [in the audience], I am sorry to say I think a lot of you may die from nuclear war.” Believing that, too, Einstein also added, however, that the overwhelming likelihood of nuclear war does not reduce one whit, not one centimeter, our duty to resist its coming with all our might. Why? Because it will be so terrible, is why. The new Boston-based organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility, is trying to tell the people of the world that if nuclear war happens, there will be no way to save the wounded. The doctors will be dead, too. If a single one-megaton bomb exploded 3,000 feet over Boston Com HELP STOP THE MX MISSILE in Texas and New Mexico. American Friends Service Committee is working for disarmament, peace, and justice. Write AFSC, 1022 W. 6th, Austin 78703. BOOK-HUNTING? No obligation search for rare or out-of-print books. Ruth and John River Hills Road, Austin 78746. BACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING. Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box FREEWHEELING BICYCLES. 2404 San Gabriel, Austin. For whatever your bicycle needs. MOUNTAIN RETREAT & HOT SPRINGS in private valley. Enjoy room, meals, swimming, sunbathing and exercise classes from Guadalqjara, Jalisco, Mexico. mon, they explain to us, the whole downtown would be saturated with deadly radiation. A shock wave would snap skyscrapers like twigs. Everything would fall to rubble four miles out in every direction beyond Harvard Yard. The city-wide firestorm would burn up all the oxygen, asphyxiating the people, if any, in the bomb shelters, and would burn up everyone in reach of the flames. Or, if the single bomb exploded at ground level, it would dig a crater half-a-mile across and rain lethal fallout over something like a thousand square miles. If such a bomb fell on San Francisco on a clear afternoon and, thirty-five miles away, you looked, you would be blinded. Houston, the same. Finally then, we arrive at the unadmitted crisis that is actually the structural one: the world-wide tenacity of nationalism. As long as the human race could survive wars, people accepted organization into absolute systems of nations. But the revulsion against the Vietnam war was more than what it obviously was, it was also the beginning of awareness among people that the nuclear weapons require us to move toward a transcendant internationalism. As you arrive at your majority, your full adulthood, above all your Citizenship Beyond the School, the species of which you are a member is a giant KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Send $7.95 to Buying, Renting & Borrowing in Texas, 2505 Stratford, Austin 78746. JOIN THE ACLU. Membership $20. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 600 West 7th, Austin 78701. THE SAN ANTONIO Democratic League meets the first Thursday of each month. For information, call Jim Bode at 344-1497. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS ACORN needs organizers to work with low and moderate income families in 16 states for political and economic justice. Direct action on neighborhood deterioration, utility rates, taxes, health care. Tangible results and enduring rewards long hours and low pay. Training Classified advertising is 30 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%.