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“.-t >”‘a,@ Postmaster: If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 Gibson replies: Judge Clawson’s name is mentioned twice in the 2,700-word manuscript I sent the Observer, on the seventh of nine pages hardly a diatribe against the man. Indeed, Clawson and I are coreligionists. To be sure, district judges seldom arraign arrestees JPs do it. That such a banal error escaped a lawyer, a student and two professional newsmen is embarrassing, but it is irrelevant to the subject of the article. Certainly, nothing in the article impugns Judge Clawson’s integrity, and only through willful malice to Clawson, me, or the Observer could anyone read into the article a “slander” \(Hughes robbery. Who so misled Karen Hughes? At least one Bell County politician has had his envenomed tongue in many ears, in an effort to demean the student press \(of Stewart’s attorney tells me somebody in the courthouse is afraid he will lose some minority votes. It seems black citizens in Bell County have taken an interest in the Stewart case, and they never would have heard of it but for the superior work of TJC journalism students. Now that Karen Hughes has raised the question of who did what, I would like to point out that I supplied the information and the unfortunate misinformation used in the Observer article, but I am not the author. However, although I disagree with the emphasis the Observer gave the story, I can state with confidence that the article as published in the Observer, is far above the average quality of Texas journalism. John Gibson Temple The editors add: The edited version of Gibson’s story incorporated the information supplied by the author. We regret that Judge Clawson was listed incorrectly as setting Mrs. Stewart’s. bond. We concur with Gibson that in no way was Judge Clawson por 24 FEBRUARY 13, 1981 trayed as anything other than an incidental figure of public record in the story. * * * Main reason One of the main reasons I’m sending this is your new editor, Rod Davis, who is much more to my leanings. We really enjoy the Observer and have for years. Jim and Peggy Daniel Bear Creek Potters Liberty Hill * * * Parakeet journalism 1. Enclosed find complimentary photos of two people [Davis’ wife and daughter] prettier than you are. It was our pleasure to print them for you. Wish we had one of you. Our Howard Cosell dart board is in tatters. 2. Also enclosed find $7.50 for ten copies of the January 16th issue containing the article about The Toast of the Coast Herald. I would like to order more copies, but: a. I can’t afford it. After reading your article I decided to spend my last few bucks on a mail-order journalism course so I could write as good as you. b. There are no more than ten people around here who appreciate fine literature, anyway, and they have all promised to return their copies to me just as soon as they finish with them. Ordinarily I would let them keep them to start their cook-fires with, but I just discovered your little publication just fits the bottom of my parakeet cage. 3. I hate to be the bearer of any bad news, but when I began to brag that we got a write-up in The Texas Observer, too many people said, “What’s a Texas Observer?” 4. Please feel free to drop in any time you are in the neighborhood. You know the way, and the coffee pot’s always hot! Pat Mullins Editor The Toast of The Coast Herald Rockport Dlal Oglle/from page 23