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Foreign language typing available. 477-6671 504 W. 24th St. Austin, Texas Copy-Rite, heat stroke among the poor and elderly. Many people are at special risk from the heat. Babies, for example, are less able to cool themselves than adults. A 19-month-old who had wandered away from a Dallas day care center was found dead after only a few hours. Obese adults also are vulnerable, as are people with diabetes, poor circulation and heart disease. Persons taking medication or using drugs are in special jeopardy. Half the patients who have died this year of heat-related causes at Parkland Hospital and in the 1978 epidemic of heat stroke were on diuretics or psychoactive drugs. All of the major tranquilizers and the antihistamines used for nasal congestion decrease sweating. A quick way to distress is to sit in the hot sun, say, at a rock concert, and take speed, LSD, or cocaine especially if you don’t drink enough liquid. The drugs speed up the metabolism and thereby cause terrific temperature elevations. “In the heat a person sweats three quarts an hour and some of these summer rock and country concerts are 12 hours long,” says Dr. Knochel. “I think they’re murderous in this kind of weather. One young man treated at the Willie Nelson July 4th picnic probably thinks they don’t last long enough. After he finally became conscious and told medical attendants he had been taking uppers, downers, a mushroom or two, wine and a little beer, he asked, “When’s the concert gonna start?” Then he noticed the tents were being taken down, trucks loaded with gear were grinding their way through the remains of the picnic for 60,000 people. He had gotten his liquid through an I-V. * * * People have to cool off at certain times of the day. “Sit on the porch in a wet sheet and fan yourself. Go to the shopping mall, the library, a church. Restore a little stamina and give the heart and circulation a chance to cool off for two or three hours,” says Dr. Knochel. If you don’t treat yourself carefully and your temperature rises to 106 degrees, you may wake up in a tub of ice water with emergency room personnel rubbing you with ice cubes and fans blowing over you. There will be a large needle in a vein so they can keep the liquids feeding into your circulatory system. You’ll be intubated into the trachea so if you go into convulsions and vomit while they’re cooling your body, the material won’t aspirate into your lungs. Acute renal failure, cardiac arrest are also possible complications. You have to be cooled as quickly as 22 JULY 25, 1980