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Lunch on the River! Lunch on the balcony! Dinner on the River! Dinner on the balcony! Brunch on Sunday! All of the above! . . . and Sandwiches, Chili, Tacos, Chalupas, and restaurant baked desserts. Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and fresh yoghurt. Soup and salad bar. 11:30 to 9 Monday through Saturday; 11:30 to 5 Sunday. 224-4515 the greenhouse Above the Kangaroo Court. Downtown Riverwalk 314 North Presa, San Antonio, Texas 502 W. 15th Street Austin, Texas 78701 REALTOR ” Representing all types of properties in Austin and Central Texas Interesting & unusual property a specialty . 477-3651 0:3 \\,11 and Assobiates E l’Nri?N`r ” 1/11″Vr .s . V4 the , legendary . RAW DEAL Steaks, Chops, Chicken open lunch and evenings 605 Sabine, Austin No Reservations books” in the public library, Gonzalez said that smelled of Hitler tactics. He opposed higher phone and water rates and opposed turning a downtown park over to a contractor to make it into a parking lot. He began a long campaign, ultimately successful, to transfer ratemaking power on city water from the city water board to the council. One of his fellow council members told him, “Henry, cut this out. I’m not kidding.” “Well,” Gonzalez replied, “I’m not either.” His first year on the council, Gonzalez believes, the mayor called in the captain of detectives and said, “What can you get on Henry Gonzalez? We want you to search the record and check around.” Gonzalez recalls that Billy Lankin, the captain’s assistant, called and said he had to talk to him. They met in the corner of a baseinent drug store, and Lankin told Gonzalez they were supposed to go out and investigate him. Gonzalez told him he had never been arrested, had never handled anyone else’s money, and “I’m the only damn politician, and Mexican especially, who never took money to campaign for anybody never will and never have. If you come up with something it’s a frame-up, and if it is, I’ll tell you how I feel. I personally will look you up and shoot you dead.” cannot stand,” he continued to Lankin, “is a frame-up. I’m alone in politics. I don’t have any money. All I have is my name and my family.” Receiving information that all motel and hotel rooms in the city were checked for anything that might incriminate him, Gonzalez says he walked into a council session and said to a councilman and a contractor, ostensibly apropos nothing, “Well, listen, I don’t think you’re going to find out anything about me with a detective. I haven’t done anything, at least not in a hotel room, not in San Antonio. Now as for rumble seats in Model A’s, I don’t know!” They professed to be nonplussed. Gonzalez also says a waiter named Bicho Orozco told him he had overheard men plotting a frame-up, one of them saying, “We’re gonna scare that goddam Messican off the council.” As Gonzalez recounts the case, an emeny of his found a woman in Zacatecas Alley on the West Side who put her mark on an affidavit that said Gonzalez, pretending to be a laWyer, had taken money from her to defend her son, who was up on a marijuana charge. The Light printed the accusation sensationally, a screaming headline alleging moral turpitude for practicing law without a license. Gonzalez called it a lie and he told Foreign language typing available. 477-6671 504 W. 24th St. Austin, Texas Copy-Rite,. Isn’t it time we started to stress the spiritual aspects of funerals rather than the material? At Reveley Memorial Services we believe the truly dignified funeral is the simplest possible funeral. Money lavished on the vanity and theatre of conventionally expensive funerals, money literally put into the ground, could be much better utilized, in a living memorial, by your church, your charity, your family. To assure that your wishes are carried out and to spare your family the possibility of being sold a high priced funeral you personally would not want, contact us to learn more about our pre-need program. REVEIEY MEMORIAL SERVICES Simple Funerals San Antonio 533.8141 .kustin 1’116m -union Center 441-7500 ATTORNEYS Overcome the high cost of down-time on your legal secretary. Let us type your motions, appeals, contracts, and other legal documents. We can type from your rough drafts or tapes. Our work is flawless, professional, fast, and economical. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21