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today as well as yesterday and the real possibility of being not only a spectator but a full-fledged participant in the 25year sweep ahead, I owe it to me and to you to plunge into the swirling waters, be they cold or hot, to fight evaporation or freezing, neither floating away in a cloud of mist nor becoming part of an immobile block. You owe the same to me. Others terrorists, dictators, and cult leaders who depend on the destruction of the individual mind will see that changes are made. They won’t ask me. They won’t ask you. If the next 25 years are not characterized by the action of more individuals following their own minds and fewer groups following the mind and will of a self-appointed leader, then they could be our last 25 years. God made each man differently. Let’s begin a new celebration of God’s creativ ity. Thom Hunter is associate editor of The Presbyterian. Let us not be complacent By Craig Washington Houston Not daring to predict what could be in our future, I shall instead voice my hopes. For the future in Texas I have many aspirationsprosperity, no more long gas lines, not a single vestige of the Ku Klux Klan, stability, a larger sharing in the fruits of the economy by the poor. Our state being vast and full of natural cannot help but prosper. But to avoid squandering our mineral riches, we must pool the efforts of those who are trained to coax them from the earth. The migration of the “snowbirds” from the North into the Sunbelt will con tinue to bring new business and industry to Texas. It is my hope that innovative programs will give talented members of Texas’s minorities more important roles in the economythe ideal is for everyone to participate in the promised prosperity. As Jesus himself said, poverty will always be with us in many forms. But there is poverty of the physical being, and there is poverty of the spirit. I think poverty of the spirit is fatalit kills the desire to rise out of the mire, to look about and above and seek to find what is better. Without that desire, we have little to hope for. It is our burden to search out individual opportunities for the poor. My hope is for us not to be complacent with poverty. We must remember our children. We must share with the children of the poor and those on welfare. Our children are our legacythey will make our future from what they have known, from their hopes, dreams, wants. We must allow them favorable circumstances in which to grow and learn. My hope is for each not to do without, for each child not to suffer for the errors and omissions of its elders. Finally, we must not fear the future. We must look within ourselves, we must take heart from our strengths: a harmonious, intelligent, earnest working together is my hope. Craig Washington, who represents a Houston district in the Texas House of Representatives, is chairman of the Black Caucus. Say grace, and then get busy By Georgia Earnest Klipple Austin In 2005 my splendid grandson will be 30 and my lovely granddaughter, 25 years old. I am glad they were born middle-class white in America. That is likely the most comfortable group, color, spot in the world. The U.S.A. is still the Land of Opportunity, where it is fun to make it on your own. If I could have ten grandchildren .. . so good. How? I don’t know, of course. 50 DECEMBER 28, 1979 That my grandson will not come back from a current war in a plastic sack. How to avoid war? I don’t know. You figure it out. That my granddaughter will not be raped and murdered alongside the highway. How to prevent crime? Perhaps by more attention paid to the wise rearing of children. Or by greater concentration on mental health, on the mental illness that walks unseen among us until a corpse or 18 turn up. Recognizing mental illness early. \(Should we train teachers in abThat starvation is unknown and slums eradicated. How? Perhaps it would help if we narrowed the money gap. The ancient Greeks said, “The Golden Meannothing too much.” Maybe that would still hold true for 2005. That cancer and other incurable diseases will be curable and preventable. That our psychiatric hospitals will be empty because the mystery of mental illness will be solved. Already 1979 Nobel Prize winners Allan Carmack and Godfrey Hounsfield have invented the computerized brain-scanner which shows the connecting fibers of the brain hemispheres in schizophrenics to be in ..411102, nokiroogoto4.<