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Cooperatives, Box 7822. Austin 78712. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERSACORN needs organizers to work with low and moderate income families in 16 states for political and economic justice. Direct action on neighborhood deterioration, utility rates, taxes, health care. Tangible results and enduring rewardslong hours and low pay. Training provided. Contact ACORN, 503 West Mary, BACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING. Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box THE SAN ANTONIO Democratic League meets the first Thursday of each month. For information, call Jim Bode at 344-1497. Classified advertising is 30 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%. THE COMMODORE HOTEL On Capitol Hill Owned and operated by Texans 520 N. Capitol St., NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Returning to his office January 28. Connally stopped by the press room and said he thought Don Yarborough’s announcing would end the party harmony that had been in prospect. He said that he does not believe he will be able to campaign hard, in that he still tires easily from his injuries of November 22,. but that it was anybody’s privilege to get into the race. ‘ Quiet spring April 17, 1964 One has a certain difficulty presenting both sides of the current race for governor, namely, the fact that only one of the candidates, Don Yarborough, has been active. The other, Gov. John Connally, is going about here and there on official business, but he has not made speeches that are recognizably political. .. . Connally’s triumph May 15, 1964 Gov. John Connally’s mandate includes the majority vote of 249 out of the 254 counties of Texas. Only Hardin and Trinity counties went for Don Yarborough this spring. Connally became the first Texan in a hotly contested governor’s primary to receive more than a million votes. His triumph was unqualified. In running, Don Yarborough apparently miscalculated one major factor, sympathetic identification with Connally because he was shot in the car with President Kennedy. The last week, Connally told reporters he did not want a sympathy vote, but the fact was, his TV documentary, “Profile of Leadership,” replayed films of the Kennedys and Connallys getting off the plane in Dallas and riding off in the fatal motorcade, and then of Connally’s hospital-bed interview with Martin Agronsky. The sympathy factor, coupled with the secondterm tradition, must have constituted the basis of Connally’s dramatically large vote. .. . Balks at LBJ program May 15, 1964 The significant thing so far in the Democrats’ party conventions this spring is the fact that Gov. John Connally’s forces are determined to avoid any endorsement of President Johnson’s program or the national Democratic platform and Democrats associated with Sen. Ralph Yarborough are just as determined that such endorsement shall be secured. . . JC and LBJ September 18, 1964 What’s going onor what isn’t going onbetween President Johnson and Governor. Connally? Reports Connally would have a big job in Johnson’s campaign have fizzled down to nothing, Connally is now saying he may make speeches for the ticket in other states but the decision hasn’t been made yet. Stories from sources close to Connally indicate he is severely miffed because Johnson gave Senator Yarborough such unqualified praise and endorsement. . . . At a press conference in Dallas Sunday Connally said of Johnson, “His fortunes would have to be second. 1 am going to live up to the duties and responsibilities of my office ” Considering that Connally nominated Johnson at Atlantic City, that Connally has no serious campaign of his own this fall, and that the press of his duties as governor could likely be handled on and off till November 4, something seems to have gone awry. . . . Election outcome November 13, 1964 Governor Connally was the leading vote-getter for the Democrats. . . Connally defeated his GOP opponent by 1,208.000 votes; Johnson defeated Goldwater in Texas by 698,000: [Ralph] Yarborough defeated George Bush by 330,000. . . But these figures attest to Connally’s superior popularity only if one accepts as correct the premise that Connally was engaged in a serious political contest this fall, as Johnson and Yarborough were. It was obvious that he was not. . . . A third term? December 25, 1964 Connally “may be forced to run again” for governor unless the Legislature enacts most of his program. the San Antonio Express says. .. . The basis for the renewed speculation that Connally has plans to stay on in public life is his answers to some direct questions in Dallas earlier this month. Asked about his declarations in 1962 that the governor should serve only two terms, he said, “I’m not quite as strong in that position now as I might have been once. He would consider anything to benefit the state, including a third term, and is not unaware of the speculation he might oppose Tower. he also told the Dallas Times Herald. War on poverty March 19, 1965 Although the war on poverty in Texas has begun . . . it is still piecemeal and THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17