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Bernard DOrt Waco , Texas en Letter to Texas Observer Rea I wonder if you share with me the impression that government Deal. Friends: And that simple likes simple solutions to complex problems. solutions often make things worse rather than better. For example, many politicians, police and prosecutors have been saying that the answer to hcrime is to get tough to imprison more and more people. And we ave been doing just that in Texas Now we’ve got more than one-half million p in prisons and and across the nation. eople jails more than any other developed nation . On a per capita basis, we imprison 3 times as many people as England, 4.4 times as many as France, and 11 times as many as Holland. We will have to spend a billion dollars a year for the next decade for new prisons. Despite massive imprisonment disproportionately of poor and minority youths the crime rate has not abated. One organization has been speaking out everywhere urging that while solutions are sought to cut crime, we at least ought ught to ad a rational approach to punishment. That organization is the National NCCD urges that violent, assaultive offenders be impr Delinquen c y . isoned But Council on Crime and thieves, the nonviolent types the bad check passers, frauds, car ore, NCCD and so on ought to be punished in the comrmnity. Furtherm believes that such punishment should benefit the community. NCCD wants restitution to help victims … court-ordered public service to help the community … and day-fines \(fines which take into account both the gravity of the offense as well as the wealth nondangerous offenders which make sense. NCCD is helping establish such programs throughout the country and in some areas these alternatives to prison are already being used to good advantage. The savings are measured in money and lives. I am helping NCCD to carry out its program. Will you join me in supporting this vital effort? Will you join NCCD? Clip the coupon and send your tax deductible contribution now. criminal justice. Strike a blow for sensible 1Y, MmoiN ammo =1 Ammo Mame ammo S S a NATIONAL COUNCIL ON CRIME AND DELINQUENCY 111 HACKENSACK AVENUE, HACKENSACK, N. J. 07601 N I enclose NCCD for the coming year. Name for membership in the Street City State Zip Organization Title Date Make Checks Payable to: NATIONAL COUNCIL ON CRIME AND DELINQUENCY. A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance Co.=Executive Offices, Waco, Texast3emard Rapoport, Chairman of the Board