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The same “good Democrat” who brought you Eisenhower and Nixon, now brings you John Tower. In the 1950s, Democratic Governor Allan Shivers bolted the Democratic party and supported Republican Dwight Eisenhower for President. It’s also not hard to remember his all-out support of Richard Nixon in 1972 and his support for Gerald Ford in 1976. And now, in 1978, he has thrown his “Democratic” support to Republican Senator John Tower. The following is an excerpt from Allan Shivers’ massive nation-wide fundraising effort on behalf of his friend, John Tower. ALLAN SHIVERS 300 AUSTIN NATIONAL BANK BUILQiNG AUSTIN. TEXAS 75701 Dear Senator: That’s right, Senator! Have you ever felt that the only way to stop inflation;solve the energy crisis and get this country back on the track in foreign affairs would be for you to serve in the Senate and fight for what you believe in? Well, you can’t serve in the Senate this year, so that makes it all the more important for you to elect someone who represents your views and mine and will fight for what we want done. I have studied the voting records of both men who are running to represent Texas and I believe that John Tower best represents your views and mine. As a former Democratic Governor of Texas, I have not reached this decision easily. In fact, in 1961, when John Tower first was elected, I supported the Democratic nominee.. . .. Senator John Tower is also a principle \(sic] target of George Meany and eastern liberal labor bosses because he opposes legislation to increase the power of labor unions. He is leading the fight against the pending laboi “reform” bill and has consistently opposed legislation to increase the power of labor bosses. . Krueger voted for this labor “reform bill which George Meany claims is the first step to eventually destroying Texas’ Right-to-Work Law. He has also_repecitedly voted with labor on a number of other issues designed to increase their power. Senator Tower fought against raising the minimum wage from $2.30 pet hour to $3.40 per hour, because he believed that increase would be a major cause of future inflation which would decrease your family’s buying power. Krueger voted with the unions on this bill. The National Chamber of Commerce Forecasting Center reported that because of this bill, 55,000 Texas teenagers and 60,000 Texas adults will be let go by small Texas businesses who can no longer afford them. . . . . . . Krueger recently voted to give the District of Columbia two voting U. S. Senators \(who will Columbia being able to cancel out Texas’ two votes in the Senate? Senator Tower’s position is that if Washington, D. C. has the right to two’Senators, then so do Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth. Krueger receives higher marks than Senator Tower from liberal organizations such as AmeriOn the other hand, conservative organizations such as Americans for Constitutional Action Taxpayers Union give Senator Tower extraordinarily high marks. I could go on and on. The plain fact is that Krueger does not believe in the things that you and I and most Texans stand for. I am a Democrat, but I do not believe that we can afford to lose the voice of John Tower in the Senate John Tower needs your help and he needs it today. National labor bosses, eastern liberals and special interest groups are raising money to defeat him. . . . Sincerely yours, Allan Shivers P.S. It you have made a financial commitment during the primary which was held May 6, I would hope that you could make an additional contribution for the general election. But in event, please tear out and keep your attached membership card. Let’s not let Allan Shivers and other special-interest power brokers once again hand pick your U.S. Senator. Pd. poi. ad paid for and authorized by Friends of Bob Krueger Committee, L. D. Brinkman, Chairman, P.O. Box 911, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 20 Jui..Y. 21, 1978