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IN DALLAS: 4528 McKINNEY AVE. RICHARDSON: 508 LOCKWOOD FARMERS BRANCH SHOPPING CTR., SW CORNER, VALLEY VIEW IN WACO: 25TH & COLUMBUS IN AUSTIN: 1514 LAVACA 6103 BURNET RD. THE COMMODORE HOTEL On Capitol Hill Owned by Texans. Run by a Texan. 520 N. Capitol St., NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Good hooks in ever’ field JENKINS PUBLISHING CO. The Pemberton Press John H. Jenkins, Publisher Box 2085 E7 Austin 78768 HALF PRICE RECORDS M.AG Az INES TEXAS WILD The Land, Plants, and Animals of the Lone Star State by Richard Phelan, photographs by Jim Bones Texas Wild, a book as beautiful and extraordinary as Texas itself, explores region by region the land, the plants and the animals of the Lone Star -State. From mountain desert to swampy woodland, from rolling prairie to the semi-tropics, Phelan and Bones celebrate in words and pictures a land of unique and dramatic diversity. Highlighting the geography and the natural history are fascinating tales from the state’s colorful past. “Intelligent, readable, informed, informative … covers a tremendous lot of material with a grasp that indicates solid knowledge and research … such an overall and unchauvinistic treatment of physical and natural Texa!; has long been needed.” John Graves “A splendid tour . this is excellent armchair travel.” Publishers Weekly 64 pages of full-color photographs, 100 drawings, 8 maps, 83/8″ x 10 3/4″, oversize format. GARNER & SMITH BOOKSTORE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Texas 78705 at 530.00 per cop remittance enclosed charge my account Nami Address City St lte lip Please add appropriate salex tax & 75i/ postage per copy. A Fa1E4′ CIRO 6V/lir thVACCIPIngif /1155 5471Cal… the Observer he has yet to meet with Hale and go over a list of recommendations for improved state care of the retarded. Blackstone hopes Hale will soon get around to setting a deadline for the study. “I’m really concerned,” he said. “The committee doesn’t seem excited about its task.” Dolph Briscoe was apparently so anxious to debut his daughter Cele at Vienna’s Silver Rose ball this summer that he paid for the privilege twice. Cele and six other Texas debs had planned to fly together from New York to Vienna, spend a week in the Austrian capital and attend the June 22 affair, then follow it all up with some time in Greece or perhaps a round-the-world tour. Minimum cost was $3,200 a bow. Everyone paid for everythingplane reservations, hotels at home and abroad, tqursin advance. A warning light should have flashed for the governor when he found out the airline didn’t have his daughter or her friends booked for the flight from Dallas to New York. But undaunted, the young women bought their ticketsagain- and went to Fun City. There, they discovered that nothing but their Vienna hotel rooms had been paid for; they had to pay again for their New York hotels and plane fares to Europe. According to a Dallas Morning News story, the sponsor of the Silver Rose ball, Baron T. von Schmidt-Pauli, hadn’t settled with his creditors for the 1976 shindig, so bill collectors seized this year’s advances. The debutantes’ parents were informed they would have to fork over more money if they wanted their girls to come out on the banks of the Danube. In the end, Briscoe’s kid curtsied along with everyone else. It’s nice to know there are still some things that are cheap at twice the price. Winston Bode’s “Capital Eye” is back in the fall lineup at KTVV TV. Richard Miner, operations manager at the Austin station, told the Observer that he had received a number of letters CAPITAL EYE protesting the show’s cancellation, and that “Eye” had been rescheduled to float among other Sunday programs. Bode, happy that channel 36 was so “responsive,” said, “They’ve been pretty big and pretty flexible about putting the show back on the air.” Secy. of State Mark White finally took direct action to end what was to Texas civil rights leaders ten years of blatant discrimination against students at predominantly black Prairie View A&M in Waller County. The problem has been that a questionnaire devised by county tax assessor LeRoy Symm has effectively prevented the students from registering to vote. Symm’s registration form demanded that a potential voter list both a “permanent” and a “present” address; most Prairie View A&M students have been disqualified on the grounds that they were not Waller County residents. White claimed at a Sept. I press conference that he had been working for four years to end the practice, which has twice been unsuccessfully challenged in federal court. Frustrated by Symm’s uncooperative attitude, White issued an emergency directive to the tax assessor, prohibiting him from demanding completion of “a questionnaire or additional written information” not required by the state’s regular voter registration form. White said he was “not particularly optimistic” about the prospects of Symm’s compliance with the order, and added that he had already asked Atty. Gen. John Hill to be ready to enforce the directive. so This issue’s Political Intelligence was R. assembled and written with the help of 03 Debi Pomeroy, Tim Mahoney, Teresa Fi Acosta, John Spragens, Rod Davis, Jo 5 Clifton, Frank Griffis and Charle,s. Holmes. 41111111=1111111111INNINI THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15