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‘ r 4f 4141’1,6 ALAN POGUE Photographer of political events & pseudo events, of people in their natural surroundings Rag office 478-0452 / 478-8387 Austin August 20, 1976 9 4e tinc, je , 44″. WALL PLANTER Terra cotta from Acatlan, Mexico $6.50-$15.00 Part of our collection of traditional handmade crafts and arts from Latin cultures. 1710 Sunset Blvd. 527-9838 SUNDAY BRUNCH, OR WEEKDAY LUNCH. Champagne and Eggs Benedict overlooking the river, Sunday morning! Or salads, soups, chili, sandwiches, tacos or daily specials for lunch six days a week. Purely filling food and drink.Come on up.11:30 AM-3:00 PM every day. All major credit cards. 516 ,Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas. the greenhouse a fresh food restaurant others probably will be examined by FBI and Labor Department investigators probing the Hughes shooting. Meanwhile, it’s a fairly certain bet the shooting will heat up the already sizzling battle between proand anti-Abel delegates to the Las Vegas convention. Sadlowski sent Abel a telegram following the incident condemning the Houston “reign of terror” and demanding punishment of the guilty, parties. With the odds growing that John Bowden Connally will be on the Re publican ticket with Gerald Ford, the Observer is doing a land office business selling back issues concerning Connally’s past role in Texas Democratic politics. R. D. found the following tidbit in the July 20, 1962, Observer. Connally, speaking at a state AFLCIO meeting, tore into Jack Cox, his Democrat-turned-Republican gubernatorial opponent. “The majority of you and I are Democrats,” Connally said, “There are those who do not consider that important. There are those who shed their party affiliations as quickly as you shuck your coat under a hot Texas sun. You’ve seen one of them this morning. One thing is for sure. When the time comes for the showdown, I am not and never will be a turncoat.” Connally, of course, has turned his political affiliation, but his true allegianceto the corporate elitehas never wavered. In June he warned a gathering of corporation lawyers, “You are living in a more antagonistic environment than has existed in my lifetime, and perhaps as has existed since the Sherman Anti-trust Act was passed.” To combat this “basic lack of understanding” of the profit motive, Connally recommended establishing a “public service law firm that represents the producer interest.” The firm should be set up privately like the firms doing work for consumer interests because “corporations don’t have the courage to fight government agencies,” Connally said. “At some point we have to stand and fight . . . [to] defend business interests.” Texas’ own Tiger Teague \(D-College the U.S. House to vote against reprimand ing Florida Rep. Robert Sikes. Sikes was In Houston, the shooting is also having a side effect. Although pick-ups with gun racks are a common sight in the Hughes Tool employee parking lot, gun control has reportedly become a popular lunchroom conversation topic. According to_ one Hughes worker, gun control stickers showing a pistol with an “X” over it began appearing on tool chests and lunchboxes around the plant the day after the shooting. chastised on a vote of 381-3 for failing to disclose his financial holdings. High-livin’ Charlie Wilson was men tioned in a Washington Post piece on extravagant congressional junkets. According to the Post, “The embassy in Lisbon paid out $250 in January, 1975, for three men and a truck to handle bags for a delegaDuring the past 18 months, the American Medical Association’s campaign committee distributed more funds nationwide than any other special interest group, and Texas’ two newest congressmen have received more of those funds than any other political candiates. The AMA Political Action Committee $30,000 and Rep. Sam E. Hall, Jr., \(D-Lake eficiaries of the AMA’s largess were Reps. Bentsen, $17,000. Judge Mutscher For our readers beyond the pale of other Texas media \(which have covHouse Speaker Gus Mutscher, Jr., was miraculously transformed from a felony probationer into a Washington County judge in less than two hours on July 26. Devotees of Texas scandals will remember that Mutscher was given a fiveyear probated sentence three years ago after an Abilene jury found him guilty of conspiracy to accept a bribe from Frank Sharp of Sharpstown scandal fame \(see Obs., Sept 10, 1971, for Sharp’s description Political Intelligence