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Thoughts on Jimmy Carter Austin When he chose Sen. Walter Mondale to run with him, Jimmy Carter obviously sent a message to the nation’s progressives: “Trust me.” Describing his own views as completely compatible with those of one of the half-dozen most liberal senators we have, Carter may have been declaring his own inner political identity as a fearless progressive. Or, casing the political landscape, with Eugene McCarthy threatening from the left as an independent, he may have recognized that selecting John Glenn or Henry Jackson would have been stupid and chose, at this juncture, to get in tight with the left of his own party. Both interpretations could be correct. In any case, the ticket of “Grits and Fritz” is to the last eight years of Nixon and Ford as sunshine is to murk. So far, however, Carter or his organization has sent to progressives in Texas a quite different message by making Calvin Guest, the discredited state Democratic chairman, co-director with Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong of the Carter campaign in Texas. At the June state Democratic convention, Guest once again proved himself unfit to preside over Texas Democrats. He smiles and all but bows personally, but give him a gavel and he becomes a dictator. In Houston, the resolutions committee, democratically ‘constituted of one delegate from each of the state’s senatorial districts, worked four hours and produced resolutions ‘supporting a quota system for minorities, appointment of blacks to all state boards, break-up of the major oil commies, diverting highway funds to other public uses, gay rights, sanctions against Rhodesia, and other policy positions. It matters for nothing that one agree or disagree with this or that. It matters for everything that Guest again, as he has before, aborted the democratic process. He gaveled the convention closed before permitting action on the report of the resolutions committee. His excuse this time was that the committee “never submitted a list of resolutions,” as if the chairperson of a convention does not have an affirmative duty to seek, receive, and present the resolutions committee’s report before slamming the convention closed. Naturally, a strong movement has got going to replace Guest at the September convention. One can see why Gov. Dolph Briscoe is taking the position that he would be perfectly happy if conventions were abolished. Boss rule in party politics would never have to run face-to-face into the party’s elected delegates, vested with representative capacity by citizens in the precinct and county conventions. Briscoe’s chairman would be Observations spared the habitual embarrassment of having to invent comical cover, stories for arrogant abuses of power. Inclined at this stage to give Carter and Mondale every benefit of the doubt, we advise Carter to stay away from the Sep tember convention in Texas and to stay out of the fight over Guest. Carter’s coming in heavy-handedly telling the convention he wants Guest retained as chairman can do nothing but hurt the Carter-Mondale ticket. I thought Carter’s acceptance speech in New York very good. I liked’ his saying that, campaigning 19 months for the presidency, he had matured; I liked his saying he’d been talking a lot about love, but love has to be aggressively translated into simple justice. He is firmly for national health insurance. Even more portentous for the nation’s long-run political shape, he is for universal voter registration. Sunday after the convention he preached NEW ORLEANS ON $8 A YEAR. The Weekly Courier, 1232 Decatur, 70116. 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But if it is applied to other people, to change their lives for the better through what I described as simple justice compassion, redressing of grievances, inequality, recognizing that the poor are the ones who suffer the most. . . .” He seems to be saying politics should be Christian love, and even religious skeptics, sophisticated commentators, and jaded agnostic militants must see that this is right. The people, in whom Carter expresses so much faith, seem to know it’s right, and when Carter chose Mondale he seemed to be saying, “I’m not just talking love.” On race, Carter’s opportunistic obeisances to George Wallace duly noted, Carter was nevertheless the only white man in Plains who refused to join the White Citizens’ Council, and he voted to admit blacks to his church. 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