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No obligation search for rare or out-of-print books. Ruth and John McCully. ‘Austin, Texas 78703. WANTED. Political campaign buttons and memorabilia. National or state. George Meyer, 2204 Matthews Dr., Austin 78703, or phone 478-2848. thorizing the building of the mall over the recharge zone of the Edwards aquifer, which supplies San Antonio with pure, untreated drinking water. A total of 56,983 votes were cast, 21 percent of the registered voters in the city. It was the largest turnout ever in San Antonio for a special election. After the referendum, the SA city council, which originally approved commercial zoning for the land on which the mall was to be built, got slapped with a $4.5 million damage suit by the mall developers. The suit also asks a state court to rule on whether a zoning permit can be voided by a referendum. If the court says that the referendum was legal, then the plaintiffs want the city to pay them the $4.5 million. Now San Antonio environmentalists are taking up a new cudgel, the im pending sale of $60 million in city bonds, $10 million of which will go to finance the city’s share of a nuclear power plant at Bay City. A group called the Solar Energy Coalition of Texas has launched a petition drive calling for a referendum on the bond issue because of the nuclear funds. It’s fairly unusual for such citizens’ initiatives to be used to influence public policy in Texas, although they’ve been used with some effect in recent years in Colorado and California. A Houston jury deadlocked 6-6 in the robbery trial of former black activist Lee Otis Johnson in mid-January in Houston and the judge declared a mistrial. The state will try Johnson again, probably in May. Johnson is already serving a 17-year sentence for a 1974 burglary and faces other charges of burglary, robbery, and assault with intent to murder. Johnson, who JOIN COMMON CAUSE. Only one person can make democracy work again. .. 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The Jan. 24 guest was George Coffee, the new manager of Lowell Lebermann LincolnMercury. \(Lebermann, a city council member, recently bought the LincolnMercury dealership from former Austin Mayor Roy Butler, who traded it in on a Program moderator Jim Batson asked Coffee: “Will the change in ownership mean any changes in the quality of service offered at Lowell Lebermann LincolnMercury?” “No it certainly won’t,” Coffee replied. “We intend to continue to offer the same high quality service as in the past.” “What is the typical customer at Lowell Lebermann Lincoln-Mercury looking for in the way of an automobile today?” And so it went. Mike Smith, a local reporter, asked Batson about the show. Batson told him it is logged by KTVV as public service programming. How are the guests selected? “One of my salesmen usually recommends a client to be on the program,” Batson said. Batson offered to do a session on Smith’s paper and told Smith he’d like to sell him some TV time. The U.S. early-warning system in the Sinai desert, part of Herr Kissinger’s arrangement to keep the Israelis and the Egyptians from jumping one another, is being built by Texans. The H.B. Zachry Co. in San Antonio will be doing the $10 million worth of construction on towers and power plants for the complex while E-Systems Corp. of Dallas got a $16.5 million dollar contract to build the monitor system. We weren’t going to write anything about Big Bird. This is a serious Journal of Free Voices, after all. But then this geek from Eagle Pass was actually hospitalized after a Big Bird attack \(supermade headlines even in the Corpus Caller, so who are we to hold out? Our brethren in Establishment journalism, Valley-style, have reported that Big Bird \(who has been flying around attacking Valleyans ever since a hairy ape and a UFO were seen read at least several hundred inches of newspaper copy in assorted serious Texas newspapers about Big Bird and have decided that it is time to come clean. We happen to know the truth about Big seven feet, which happens to be the total CLASSIFIED