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Name Street City Zip Code Quiches, crepes, sandwiches, European pasteries, coffees, teas, beer, and wine. Best Wishes on your continued success from our 20,000 members across Texas Texas UAW CAP Council Emileo Molleda Jr., President 5244 East Grand Avenue, Dallas wsz=szwszmwa ANDERSON & COMPANY coFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. FriZ7ZIMIZISIMMMI science, and math they believe was lost somewhere between life adjustment and integrated subject matter. They are encouraging “ability grouping” to let gifted children move ahead more swiftly. The majority members: Mrs. Earl Maughmer, wife of a policeman, a Minutewoman, speaker at local Citizens’ Council meetings, and chief instigator of the school board’s rejection of a number of textbooks because she does not agree with statements in them. Dr. Henry A. Peterson, a doctor, whose wife was a Minutewoman and who was elected on the Minutewomen’s school board slate in 1952. Stone Wells, vice president and counsel of Tennessee Gas Transmission Co., and the Austin lobbyist who flew 12 state legislators friendly to his company to the Kentucky horse races during the 1955 session fight over giving the state market controls over natural gas. Mrs. Frank G. Dyer, board chairman, who waS also chairman of the Houston Minutewomen’s speakers’ bureau and is implacably opposed to the UN and its economic and social council, and who now sells insurance at the offices of Tennessee Life, a subsidiary of Tennessee Gas Transmission Co. James Delmar, personnel director at Hughes Tool Co., who recently quit the board but whose place will be filled by a conservative. Standing against the majority on most social values: Mrs. A. S. Vandervoort, housewife and member of a prominent Houston banking family, and W. W. Kemmerer, veteran of two decades in Houston school administration and former president of the University of Houston. Politics has roared through Houston schools since 1952. Administrators and teachers have been investigated and fired, students have been caught in the crossfire from the right and left. Mrs. A. M. Ball, a former teacher who was treasurer of the liberal-moderate school reform campaigns in 1954 and 1956, believes, “This school system is headed for utter ruination. Utter ruination.” Harwood Taylor, president of the new Houston Association for Better Schools, says, “There’s great concern with individual members of the association in the turn that the curriculum is taking, especially sciences and history. Overemphasis on Texas history leads to provincialism. And then banning the UN theme content. … It is all rather pathetic. Unqualified [school] trustees are selecting textbooks based on their personal bias and prejudice, although professional educators consider them not good.” Houstonians have heard board members exchange such epithets as “beetle brows” and “21-carat phoney.” Any board meeting night on television you might pick up Stone Wells belittling people with PhDs or Mrs. Maughmer warning against “one-worldism.” T IS more difficult to know what is happening within the schools. A high school English teacher was fired after he had read some of D. H. Lawrence’s Studies in Classic. American Literature and given a writing assignment based on Philip Wylie’s The Disappearance to his tenth grade students. He said his principal, believing Lawrence was a communist, had the contents of his desk drawers photostated. A second high school teacher who had been teaching Lawrence was reassigned to driver education, finally fired. Another Houston teacher, Arden McNab, quit in disgust after having been told a student debate on integration was “too hot to handle” and that she had been complained against because she taught “controversial subjects.” When she put up a UN poster many teachers thought she should take it down “because it was just not the thing to do.” She wrote that the librarian told her “all books pertaining to the UN had been removed from the shelves.” Her principal told her: ” . for now we will have to stay away from the controversial subjects. You know last year we had a social science teacher that the FBI investigated. She traveled in the summers, Mexico and Europe.