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“OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGH11111ARE IS CIVER.:’ PRESIDENT GERALD R. FORD. .JJ PROGRESSIVE L No way is the nightmare over. Watergate was only a small part of it; rising unemployment, skyrocketing prices, shortages of housing, gasoline, home heating fuels, grain, aluminum. . . . For millions, the American Dream is turning into an American nightmare. THE PROGRESSIVE asks the hard, fundamental questions. Every month. Why are we beset by a shortage economy, intractable inflation, a looming depression, and the threat of more Vietnams? How can we end the nightmare and restore the Dream? What needs to be done? “Our society cannot continue indefinitely to decay. It seems virtually certain that if the Left does not begin to give voice and direction to the growing anti-corporate anger, then a right-wing politician like Wallace will, through demagogic appeals to fear and uncertainty. It is a crucial time in which to work and build.” Harry Boyte “Prospectus for a New Party” in THE PROGRESSIVE `fWe must first understand that, at present, everything in the American empire is for sale: morality, the public interest, politicians. . . . The travesty is that those who brought us the Indochina war and the arms race, the body counts and the smart bombs, that those who call corporate imperialism economic growth and who starve our’society for private profit, have been able to come forward as men of gravitas and decency.” Marcus Raskin “The System Impeached” in THE PROGRESSIVE “Our prosperity was built on the quicksand of militarism and monopoly. We mortgaged our future to both so that we could exact discipline for the Pax Americana; now we must pay the mortgage by lowering our standard of living. The ‘Band-Aid’ economics of President Ford, whose geniality temporarily obscured his Nixonite philosophy, cannot begin to solve the crises of an imperialist economy.” Sidney Lens “Running Out of Everything” in THE PROGRESSIVE THE PROGRESSIVE provides answers. By asking the right questions. We hope you’ll join us for a trial run. For six months. For five dollars. For some answers. r FOR YES! Please send me 6 months of The Progressive for $5 FOR SOME ANSWERS Name Address City State Zip 7 Months for $5 if payment is enclosed. 01.1IM 111MIIMI .1111IMMI PROGRESSIVE 404 WEST GORHAM STREET MADISON, WISCONSIN 53703