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deathless import, that called solons from their residences to Austin on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning before the game. AP also observes that the House subcommittee on small business found it necessary to meet in Dallas on Oct. 11, just before the Texas-Oklahoma game. George Kuempel of the Houston Chronicle, who ain’t exactly near-sighted when it comes to pork, took a look at the budgets of interim study committees \(remember the old interim A committee to review all Texas water district laws, headed by none other than our next speaker, Rep. Billy Clayton, with a budget of $11,250; A committee to study the needs of intellectually gifted children, headed by Rep. R. B. McAlister with a budget of $16,500; and, on the other hand, A committee to study the needs of the deaf and visually handicapped, chaired by Rep. George Preston of Paris with a $19,358 budget. Other House standing committees are highway speed limits, pooling of state aircraft, and educational assistance from philanthropic foundations. Common Cause has issued its report on votes cast by members of Congress on issues which concern the organization, and the Texas delegation is not exactly the group’s ideal: Over the last two years, House members from Texas measured up this way, with “right” votes first, “wrong” votes second, and absences third: on congressional and campaign reform: Patman, 4-2-2; Wilson, 7-1-0; Collins, 3-5-0; Roberts, 3-5-0; Steelman, 5-3-0; Teague, 1-1-6; Archer, 4-4-0; Eckhardt, 6-2-0; Brooks, 6-2-0; Pickle, 5-2-1; Poage, 3-4-1; Wright, 5-2-1; Price, 1-5-2; Young, 6-2-0; de la Garza, 5-3-0; White; 3-5-0; Burleson, 2-6-0; Jordan, 7-1-0; Mahon, 4-4-0; Gonzalez, 5-2-1; Fisher, 1-7-0; Casey, 4-4-0; Kazen, 6-2-0; Milford, 3-2-3. on military spending and social issues: Patman, 3-5-0; Wilson, 4-4-0; Collins, 0-8-0; Roberts, 0-7-1; Teague, 1-5-2; Archer, 1-7-0; Eckhardt, 7-0-1; Brooks, 3-5-0; Pickle, 1-5-2; Poage, 3-3-2; Wright, 4-3-1; Price, 0-7-1; Young, 2-6-0; de la Garza, 2-6-0; White, 0-8-0; Jordan, 8-0-0; Mahon, 2-6-0; Gonzalez, 4-4-0; Fisher, 0-7-1; Casey, 0-8-0; Kazen, 1-5-2; Milford, 0-7-1. Texas’ senators, Lloyd Bentsen and John Tower, were evaluated on different votes in the same areas. Bentsen scored six right, two wrong, and one absence in congressional and campaign reform votes. Tower had nine wrong votes on the same issues. Bentsen’s social issues/military spending tally was 4-3-2; Tower’s was 0-9-0. The national Chamber of Commerce has also rated members of Congress for their votes on business-related issues like oil price legislation, consumer protection, food stamps for striking workers, campaign financing reform, and strip mining. Senator Bentsen voted 50 percent right, according to the C of C, while Senator Tower scored 90 percent right. House members cast the following percentages of their votes in favor of Chamber positions: Patman 50, Wilson 30, Collins 80, Roberts 80, Steelinan 50, Teague 50, Archer 100, Eckhardt 10, Brooks 50, Pickle 70, Poage 80, Wright 50, Price 70, Young 60, de la Garza 80, White 90, Burleson 100, Jordan 20, Mahon 90, Gonzalez 30, Fisher 90, Casey 80, Kazen 70, and Milford 50. Whither Jake? The U.S. attorney in Dallas, Frank McCown, has filed formal notice that the government will appeal an order appointing special prosecutors to pursue charges that Jake Jacobsen misapplied $825,000 in savings and loan association funds. The order was issued by U.S. Dist. Judge Robert M. Hill after McCown’s office stopped its work on the charges as part of Jacobsen’s plea-bargaining deal. Jacobsen had agreed to testify against former Gov. John Connally in return for being allowed to plead guilty to a single bribery charge. Hill’s order was believed to imperil that deal, though Jacobsen’s Washington lawyer has since told the Dallas Times Herald that he expects Jacobsen to testify. On the other hand, McCown is contending, in seeking a stay of Judge Hill’s order, that the case against Connally will be jeopardized if the special prosecutors go to work. In the meantime, the Times Herald’s Ron Calhoun reports that “Eastern newspapers and at least one national television network” have been snooping around in search of political connections between Judge Hill and Connally. Calhoun himself went to two former law partners of the judge’s, and was told that Judge Hill “just doesn’t operate that way.” One of the two, Bert Bader, was Sen. Ralph Yarborough’s 1970 campaign coordinator in Dallas, and presumably has no great affection for Connally himself. Bader said that Judge Hill, a Republican, never seemed particularly close to Connally. During the Sixties, the white population in all southern states except Texas grew faster than the black population, according to the Southern Regional Council. In Texas, the white population grew by 16 percent while the black population grew by 17.8 percent. The radiation hazards from nuclear plants involving nuclear fission are such that no more fission power plants should be built. The problem of preventing damage from leakage of radioactive substances produced in power plants is such a serious one as to justify banning them entirely. -Dr. Linus Pauling F November 15, 1974 7 MARTIN ELFANT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686 CLASSIFIED Classified advertising is 20\(/ per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12-month period; 26 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: BOOKPLATES, P.O. Box 28-1, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. MINNIE L. 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