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C NEW! BY THE ALAMO in downtown SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 67 tastefully decorated rooms, each with remote controlled color tv and rheostat lights, free parking, and local telephone calls, swimming pool, ice and soft drink machines on each floor, across the street from the Alamo. Major credit cards accepted. Commercial and family rates year round. BLUE ROOM FOR MEETINGS/PARTIES Crockett Motor Inn `s, Telephone 512/225-4491320 Bonham Street 78205 DAVY’S DEN/MEETING ROOM . . . 3rd floor IDialogue I Agrees with Sherrill I read the excerpt from The Saturday Night Special today and immediately ordered the. book. I completely agree with everything that Mr. Sherrill says. One” of the trite arguments of ‘ the handgun proponents has always been that honest, law-abiding citizens must keep guns to protect themselves from criminals. I wonder how many meek, kindly persons suddenly become criminals when, rather than merely scolding their spouse or friend I We are interested in publishing I 1 books on Texas, etc. If you have I a manuscript, please write a short I we will advise you at once if we 1 are interested in looking at the I manuscript. 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS 10111111111 NI MI INIMMIIMINIIIIMMION111 awl during an argument, they snatched their trusty .38 and blasted them. It seems to me that guns produce more criminals than they deter. It’s reassuring to know that our President, always a supporter of law and order except when applied to himself, sought to reconcile his inability to cope with the situation by asking for money for the families 9f slain policemen rather than lose his popularity with NRA members. However, Congress’ record on gun control legislation is equally as outrageous. Since Senators Tower and Bentsen can be depended upon only for inaction, whom else whould we write to in Congress to express our demand for stricter gun control? W. Wendell Jackson, 2400 Missile Dr., C-5, Cheyenne, Wyo. 82001. The best bet is probably Sen. Edward Kennedy, D.-Mass., Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. Ed. His evidence sticks Your article on Dr. Walter Quebedeaux, director of the Harris County Pollution Control Department, was excellent. The doctor has been and continues to be an Febi-uary 15, 1974 15 I P.O. BOX 3485 AUSTIN, TEXAS IFFUTURA PRESS Hic Phone 512/442-7836 JohnB Connally . Portrait in Power i\\A [,,\(A, Ho. The story of Connalh’s formative sears. I low Connally huilt his political base in Texas. ‘I .he relationship between Connally and I.% ndon Johnson. I lo Go\\ ernor John Connally dominated Texas politics during the Sixties. Connalk’s clash with Nlinorities, Labor, and Liherals. The stop of the Kennedy assassination and Connail\\ ‘s relationship with the Kenneth s. The saga of and Yarborough. John tonnallt on the national scene his switch to the Republican Party and his relationship with Richard Nixon Order from your local bookstore or Jenkins Publishing Company P. 0. Box 2085 Austin, Texas 78767 Please accept my order for CONNALLY: PORTRAIT IN POWER. copies at $9.50 each Texas residents add 5% sales tax. Name Street Town 7 State