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A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance Company-Executive offices, Waco, Texas-Bernard Rapoport, Pres. A Proposal for Ethnic Studies II In November 1972 a committee of Sam Houston State University students, appointed by the Student Senate, proposed that the ethnic studies program at the university be restructured. Among the shortcomings of the existing program was the absence of Black or Chicano instructors on the university faculty. The student body includes approximately 500 Blacks and 200 Chicanos. The proposal drafted by the Minority Affairs Committee was unanimously approved by the Student Senate and forwarded to an ad hoc committee of faculty and deans. This ad hoc committee subsequently referred the proposal to the Council of Deans, in accordance with university regulations. _ These and other background details were reported, along with a portion of the Student Minority Affairs Committee proposal, in the last issue. Following the publication of that issue, the administration of SHSU announced the new courses they would recommend to the Board of Regents. Under the heading of Mexican-American Studies, the university will propose to the Board three new courses dealing with the history, politics, and sociology of the Mexican-American people. Under Black Studies, the administration will present to the Board two history courses, two political courses, a sociology course, and a literature course. Although the version of the Ethnic Studies Program announced by the administration is less than the students proposed, the general feeling of the student body, as reported by Student Senate President Julian McMurrey, is that a significant step has been taken. The primary concern of student’leaders now is the date of course implementation and selection of faculty. The concluding portion of the complete text, as originally proposed by the Student Minority Affairs Committee, follows. The issue containing Part I of this public service advertisement may be obtained at no charge by writing The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, 78701. SUGGESTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Education Akery, Nicholas. “An Exploratory Study of the Education of Spanish-Speaking Children in the Primary Grades in Andersson, Theodore. “Bilingual Schooling: Oasis or Mirage?” Ashton, Price Richard. “The Fourteenth Amendment and the Education of Latin American Children in Texas.” M.Ed. Cornejo, Ricardo Jesus. “Bilingualism: Study of the Lexicon of the Five-Year-Old Spanish-Speaking Children of Texas.” Gonzalez, Aurora Marjorie. “A Study of the Intelligence of Mexican Children in Relation to their Socio-Economic Jackson, Doris Goforth. “Educational Status of Mexican Chil1952. 71 pp. Manuel, H. T. “Education of Mexican and Spanish-Speaking Children in Texas.” 1930. 173 pp. \(Non-Series Latin Pena, Albar Antonio. “A Comparative Study of Selected Syntactical Structures of the .Oral Language Status in Spanish and English of Disadvantaged First-Grade Span History Barker, Bernice. “The Texas Expedition to the Rio Grande in Castaneda, Carlos Eduardo. “A Report on the Spanish Archives 349 pp. Cezeaux, Louise Catherine. “Social Life in the Republic of Cleaves, Wilbur Shaw. “The Political Career of Lorenzo de Dunn, Brother Fabius. “The Administration of Don Antonio 1962. 498 pp. Graves, Mrs. Ersilee Ruth Parker. “A History of the Interrelationships between Imported MexiCan Labor, Domestic Migrants, and the Texas Agricultural Economy.” M.A. Hardt, Annanelle. “The Bi-Cultural Heritage of Texas.” Ph.D. Hogan, William Ransom. “A Social and Economic History of Nance, Joseph Milton. “After San Jacinto: The Texas-Mexican 1962. 676 pp. Stenberg, Richard Rollin. “American Imperialism in the SouthVassberg, David Erland. “The Use of Mexicans and MexicanAmericans as an Agricultural Work Force in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas.” M.A. \(Latin American Walsh, Sister Natalie. “The Founding of Laredo and St. Webb, Walter Prescott. “The Texas Rangers in the Mexican Williams, Amelia. “A Critical Study of the Siege of the Alamo 1931. Williams, Amelia. “The Siege and Fall of the Alamo.” Masters Bancroft, Hubert Howe. History of Arizona and New Mexico 1530-1888. Bernstein, Hanz. “Spanish Influences in the United States: Economic Aspects,” Hispanic American Historical Review. Bolton, Herbert E. Spanish Exploration in the Southwest. New Bolton, Herbert Eugene. Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century.