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TEXAS NEW PARTY PETITION CD CD 3 Sign here if you DID vote in the Primary, May 6, 1972: I have voted in the primary May 6 but I believe the TEXAS NEW PARTY should be on 1 the general ballot in November. date name *voter registration no. address 2 date name *voter registration no. address 3 date name 4 *voter registration no. address date name *voter registration no. address [IDA PRESS 901 W 24th St Austin Multi copy service. Call 477-3641 year, Smith was desperately unhappy and defensive for at least six months. He avoided reporters as though they were vampire bats and when he did meet them he was curt, harsh, uncooperative and terribly, terribly defensive. You see, it hurt him, hurt him deeply and personally that anyone would question his honesty. He could not understand it. He was convinced there must be malicious motivation behind it. The motivation, of course, was $62,500. But he explained that. And they still kept after him. He thought if he explained it again and again, people would understand. But sixty-two/five from a man like Frank Sharp is not easy to swallow. It is a credit to Preston Smith as a man that the people who know him do swallow that sixty-two/five. Some of them assume a cynical posture course 01′ Preston is dumb enough to have gotten into it without knowing it was a payoff. Others say it was all Baum. Still others just say, if you know Preston, you just know he wouldn’t do a thing like that. But Smith’s campaign this year was an effort to make millions of people who don’t know him personally swallow that sixty-two/five. And they wouldn’t. In Houston one night, as we were coming in from the airport, the cabbie tuned into our political conversation and suddenly volunteered, in a gravel voice, “I thought that Preston Smith was honest. But he turned out to be just as big a crook as all them others.” Earlier the same night, Smith had said, “Briscoe might buy this election yet. But you know something? Briscoe doesn’t like people. He just wants to be governor. I like people. I relate to ’em. I talk to ’em. I could win this election if I could do like I did in ’68 and visit every little place. If I could just talk to the people. But I don’t have time. . .” M.I. 10 The Texas Observer 1 We are interested in publishing 1 I books on Texas, etc. If you have I a manuscript, please write a short I we will advise you at once if we I I are interested in looking at the I manuscript. 1 1 1 1 FUTURA PRESS INCI Phone 512/442-7836 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS P.O. BOX 3485 AUSTIN TEXAS II= INIII=M1111 11113=MOIBIIIMMOMMINIIIM 1.1 Sign here if you DID NOT vote in the Primary, May 6, 1972: I petition that the names of the nominees of the TEXAS NEW PARTY be printed on the general election ballot for the general election of November 3, 1972. I have not voted in the primary or participated in any convention of another political party. I am a qualified voter for the General Election in November and I understand the provisions of this petition. 1 date name *voter registration no. address 2 date name *voter registration no. address *Put in voter registration number if known; if not known, write in “unknown”. If convenient, have this petition notarized to certify that all signatures are valid. Fold as noted on the other side and send to the TEXAS NEW PARTY headquarters by June 20. If you can’t get the petition notarized, send it in anyway. Send me more petitions to my return address.