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KMFA fm/ stereo 89.5 mhz A COMMUNITY SUPPORTED FINE MUSIC STATION Kenneth W. Byrd, Station Manager Leonard Masters, Program Director Noyes W. Willett, Chief Engineer Dear Texas Observer Reader, If you’re not aware of it already, you ought to know about KMFA-fm. KMFA is a non-profit, non-commerical radio station that has been broadcasting classical music in stereo for over five years–without taking one penny in broadcast advertising, foundation money, government grants, or university support. How? Because there are people in Austin and Central Texas who feel strongly that we need a serious music outlet in this area. And our listeners have distinguished themselves. As far as we know, KMFA is the only station of its kind in the country. The hitch is, it takes money to operate a radio station, and one that exists on donations is always just one jump from disaster. Rising inflation has increased our costs, just as your costs have gone up, but income has not risen accordingly. We’re telling you this in hopes that you will tune over to 89.5 MHz on the FM band, and like our broadcast style enough to help in the effort to keep the station on the air. Your donations do not go un-rewarded. For send you a monthly program guide for a full year. Also, we’d be happy to send you a sample copy–all you need do is let us hear from you. Please help keep the arts alive in Austin. Send your tax deductible donation to: KMFA-fm Perry-Brooks Building 121 East 8th Street Austin, Texas 78701 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Charles Alan Wright Chairman Dale Jones President Jacquelyn S. Gee Vice President Hildegarde Johns Stjepcevich Secretary Frank A. Gibson Treasurer Emil Szafir Assistant Treasurer Mary Ireland Dougherty Harold J. Garner Jane B. Hendrix Joseph H. Matluck William A. Mindak Hoyle M. Osborne Robert F. Peck Robert F. Schenkkan Spurgeon E. Smith Stephen H. Spurr Noyes W. Willett Yvonne C. Thurman Assistant Secretary