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Al Loving’s huge work from 1971, which was just recently included in the Whitney Annual, is a multi-faceted, irregular geometric form which ranges in coloration from Day-glo to muted pastel and is broken by occasional marbleized units. It must span over eighteen feet of wall. It is competent, but its audacious attempts at scale and uniqueness fail to cover some innate weaknesses in conception. Dan Christensen has two works in the show, “Scissor Tail” and “Montauk Mallcles,” both from 1970. In these lyrical works, rich, dank greens, salmons, browns and purples pull his spaces in and out, achieving a finely-honed balance between interior space and edge relationships. Richard Hunt, who has just had a massive retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, is represented by only one work “Extending Horizontal Form” from 1958. A strong sculptor, Hunt’s work leaves Cubist concerns behind and his open welded steel sculptures make a strong if erractic personal statement in their attenuated linear forms. His recent work is heavier and more solid. I regret that a more recent example was not included in the show also. The only West coast artist included in the show was Craig Kauffman whose exquisite, irridescent lozenge of silver soap bubble grey hangs on the wall like a rare opal. The most obvious West coast inclusion would have been, to my mind, Fred Eversly, who works in highly ‘colored plastic forms. Regrettably, he was not included. Michael Steiner’s small floor pieces are sculptures of rusted cor-ten steel with sliding and intersecting planes. They are very strong as individual pieces but got short shrift in this show because of space competition the paintings are too demanding and the floor too vast. None of which is meant as hard core criticism .. . that the exhibition hung together as tightly as it did in improvised gallery conditions is nothing short of remarkable. William T. Williams, who does extremely handsome, small, watercolors, also got short shrift because his works are far too intimate both in feeling and scale to have been forced to compete with massive color paintings. They are very good small works, however, which would hold their own in a drawing exhibition. Danny Johnson does better work than the one piece included in the exhibition. The one aberration inclusion in the show is Bob Gorden whose “surreal” work “Drapes” is from William Copley’s collection and consists of drapes of plastic shower curtain material, sequin and silk tassel trimmed and hung on large golden rods. It looks like a fabricated “avant garde” work submitted to a juried annual. Ed Clark’s oval paintings of heavy pastel stripes are competent, but too easy and the oval shape is too tricky. Virginia Jaramillo whose work I do not know, defines shallow space by laying down on solid ground of bright freen a curved line of bright yellow which lies upon the ground like a tight wet thread. I liked the works which have a Lorser Feitelson edge to them. Anthony Caro’s one work is strong and representative but was lost in the space and Jim Wolfe’s piece too derivative and unsure. No matter how you cut it that’s a lot of important stuff to see if a rickety theater on the other side of town, and Papa critic Clement Greenberg wasn’t there just for kicks. What happens now remains to be seen. Information has it that the DeLuxe Theater is to be “Put to the Service of the Community” at the close of the show. Thereby may hang the crux of another article. Be that as it may, both as an opportunity for the Fifth Ward community and as a kind of “off Broadway” exhibition, the show was certainly a success. It may in point of fact really be Ms. Butterfield works for the Fort Worth Art Center Museum and also writes for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I IDA PRESS 504 West 24th Multi copy service. Call 477-8351 Stop at these Hotel Courts with confidence at reasonable rates ENJOY: 100% AIR CONDITIONED FINE RESTAURANTS TILE BATHS SWIMMING POOLS FREE ADVANCED RESERVATIONS TELEVISION TELEPHONE possible to take art out of institutions and put it in the community where it might just make a real difference. September 24, 1971 13 Aunt Sally’s Little Used Book Store 504 West 24 Austin MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 465-6577 DALLAS, TEXAS THUNDERBIRD LODGE-125 ROOMS 1 mile east on U.S. 80, Business Playground, wading pool \(in addition to swimrooms. Free airport bus. Club. P.O. Box 205 Tele: 915/677-4211 LOOK FOR THESE SIGNS OF HOSPITALITY ABILENE, TEXAS ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURT 75 ROOMS mile from downtown, convenient to Dallas-Ft. Worth Turnpike, 6 Flags Over Texas, Bronco Bowl. Free airport transportation. 24 hour restaurant. Swimming pool. P.O. Box 6076 Tale: 214/748-7444