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CONGRESSMAN ROBERT C. ECKHARDT Chairman SENATOR BARBARA JORDAN Co-Chairmen BERNARD RAPOPORT Secretary-Treasurer PROF. CLIFTON McCLESKEY Chairman, Issues Cr Research Committee GEORGE McALMON Chairman, Organization Committee CHRIS HARTE Executive Secretary Action Coalition of Texas will help return control of this State to ALL the people by working to: Remove from office any elected or appointed official who uses the powers entrusted to him for his material gain. Personal integrity and honesty must be restored and maintained in all levels of state government from the highest to the lowest. Promote and work actively for equality of opportunity, including living conditions, political participation, education, and employment, for All of the people. Enforce the pollution laws of Texas, require the polluters, no matter how big and influential, to make the changes necessary to restore our air, land, waters, and seashore to their natural condition so that our families can enjoy the natural beauty of our State. Advance the cause of the farmer, the small businessman, and the Texas workingman. Make the young citizen, especially between the ages of 18 to 30, politically aware, which includes voting, running for office, and participation in party decisions. Assure the democratic election of delegates to national presidential conventions delegates who will represent the real desires and interests of the People, and not the interests of special interest groups or political sell-outs. Tax the profits of corporations and of the wealthy to the same degree that the average Texan pays a sales and other consumer taxes to the State. Large corporations, by their influence in Austin, have paid no taxes on their rich profits ever, while sales and other taxes paid by the people rise year after year. Be a lobby and an agency for the People where complaints can be registered: Investigate, report and take action on unethical practices by any politician; pollution and contamination of air, preservation of land and water resources, discriminatory practices or unnecessary and wasteful spending by any agency. Promote the understanding among all citizens that voting is not a wasted effort, and that by acting together citizens can constructively influence events for the good of all. ACTION COALITION OF TEXAS provides you with an opportunity that is unique in the history of Texas. Action Coalition is a call to action for good government. Action Coalition is needed to resist the immensely rich and well organized lobbies representing powerful insurance, oil, gas, and banking and other special interests in Austin lobbies that can and do influence the State Legislature and other public officials in ways that are not in the public interest. Action Coalition will be your alert “watchdog” to carefully examine the performance of politicians, the fundamental issues, and the vital interests that affect all Texans and not just a select few. ACT seeks new solutions to the problems facing our State by whatever lawful means are available through legislation, elections, party conventions, appointments, lawsuits, public information and assemblies. Texans are oppressed by the unfair increases of the various consumer taxes. Minorities are totally frustrated by the inability of our State government to produce meaningful solutions to their problems. The workingmen of Texas are largely ignored by,the government. Membership is open to any Texan. ACT is not involved in party politics, or tied to any political group. Name Address City Zip Phone [ ] $5 dues [ contribution Please complete and mail with your $5 dues \(or L A.C.T., Box 13254, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas 78711 RETURN STATE GOVERNMENT TO THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS