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… Sterrett of Dallas Dallas The headlines go back for more than 30 years. “Sterrett, Agency Member Trade Blasts.” “Sterrett Given Summons.” “Shouting Match at Commission Meeting.” “Sterrett Doubts Reports of Crowding at County Home.” “Commissioner Blasts Sterrett.” “Sterrett Re-elected.” “Sterrett 14 The Texas Observer Attacks ‘Bleeding Hearts.’ ” “Sterrett Praised by Barnes.” “Sterrett Hospitalized After Fight with Commissoner.” “Sterrett Accuses Road Study Group.” “Sterrett Says Republicans Playing Party Politics.” “Sterrett Denies Politics Part of Courthouse Appointments.” “S terrett Re-elected.” Many of the clippings are brittle and yellow now, but they prove that the judge hasn’t changed much. He was always a scrapper, a sort of cheerful Joe Btlfspk, trailing clouds of controversy rather than of disaster. His most recent crusade, a war against the War on Poverty, has put him back in a familiar position at the eye of the hurricane. What a ruckus, what a rumpus, what a great and glorious hullabaloo. Newspaper headlines, shouting matches with fellow county