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A.Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance CompanyExecutive offices, Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport, Pres. guts \(electronic May 12, 1970: Criminals dynamite the transmitter of KPFT-FM, the Pacifica listener-sponsored station in Houston. Due to guts, the station is back on the air a month later. The station keeps on inconvenient. Meanwhile, no dynamiters are arrested. October 6, 1970: Criminals again dynamite the transmitter of KPFT-FM, Pacifica listener-sponsored radio in Houston. Due to guts .. . r ___._______________________-_-____–_-______ 1 Dear Pacifica: 1 I I want you back on the air in Houston. Make me a subscriber for a year. My gift is tax-deductible. You I won’t sell my name to a mailing list. You will send me your program folio. Here’s how much I can afford to I mean it; enclosed please find: I I II $60. Now I’m a member of your “800 Club.” I . get studio passes, too. I 1 1 $24. You send me your program folio every month. I I I I $12. I’m a student. Or I’m retired. You send me that folio. I I 1 1 Signature 1 1 1 1 Name I I I I I I Street City Zip I I 11=1.1==……m…………111111111111111111111111=111111111111111111113111111111111111la Pacifica lives. pacifica 1\(.90 618 Prairie Street Houston, Texas 77002 if you help