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Reply from Roy Evans This is a note in regard to the article by Bill Hamilton on the recent state Democratic Convention. Bill is a good writer and a fine person but he is not likely to write an objective article about the state Democratic Convention since he is dedicated to the demise of all Democrats this year. It seems to me that the Observer should do an objective analysis of the platform adopted at the convention. Though it does not include registration by party affiliation and collective bargaining for public employees, the platform is the most progressive ever adopted by a Texas governor’s convention. The Observer should recognize the forces that produced this progressive document. The forces would, of course, include The Texas Observer, the labor movement, minority groups, progressiv politicians and pressures conservative and liberal. The platform on whicl1 Democrats run this year for state office is responsive to many of the needs of Texas citizens and reflect real democracy in action. The confusion that Bill Hamilton accurately described among the liberals is not unusual. It might be remedied by an organization within the Democratic Party where liberals would agree on their spokesmen. Meanwhile, let’s keep tab on which Democratic candidates will and will not pledge to support the platform. Roy Evans, secretary-treasurer, Texas AFL-CIO, P.O. Box ,_12727, Austin, Tex. 78711. 22 The Texas Observer In San Antonio . . . St. Mary’s University Trinity University and San Antonio College have granted The Observer permission to place coin-operated news racks on campus. Now we hope to find someone willing to attend to one, two or all of the racks for a commission based on sales. every two weeks to stock the new issue and collect the money. Please contact The Observer business office, 504 West 24th, Austin 78705, for additional details. Thank you. IDialogue Article ‘outrageous’ Re: Oct. Issue, page 6, “New party rises again.” The subject article is outrageous. It is evident that your coverage was either absent from the scene, on salary to the Houston Tribune, or simply a “smart ass.” The issues of the platform were not Clean up the environment. I have been of the opinion that such a platform would have your endorsement. I will look for a retraction of the flunkey subject story in an early issue. You have done Ben Russell \(and those who would believe they are entitled to a George F. Stetson, 1616 West Loop South, Houston, Tex. 77027. `Too kind’ It was refreshing to read “Rabble Without a Cause” and “New Party rises again” and realize that the Observer can take a straight look at its own people. In fact, you were too kind. Not only did the New Party which I support, although not very actively waste all day on a platform, nominating a candidate in the last 15 minutes or so of the day after getting thrown out of its meeting place but it changed that candidate at least three times in the next three days! But atmospheric color stories of this kind are easy to write. They provide a good introduction to something more difficult but much more important. This is a good hard look at the malaise of liberalism in Texas. It’s a story that deserves national attention and the services of a Willie Morris. Despite my part in the McCarthy campaign, I’ve little experience in partisan politics, although I was a classmate of or colleague of people like Art Naftalin and Geri Hoffner Joseph in Minneapolis. But I’m not as naive or inept as the people I’ve been watching here in Texas since 1967. They seem so inept that it’s hard to believe they can manage so except by deliberate design. So thoroughly resigned to losing that they don’t even try any more. Why weren’t the Harris County Democrats interested in picking up all the volunteers who got blooded in the McCarthy campaign? They TALKED about getting out a regular ‘newsletter, about holding monthly forums on controversial issues, and all the rest, but they ACT as if they were interested in keeping control in a few hands, rather than having any impact on society. Why are they always out-maneuvered by the guys on the other side? Sure, they have the money and they hold the machinery of the state, but why can’t liberals occasionally play one off against the other? Edgar Crane, 13507 Kinsride, Houston, Tex. 77024. Union cancels The membership of Fort Worth Stereotypers Union No. 80, in regular meeting of Sept. 6, voted to ask you to cancel our three subscriptions to The Texas Observer. Our members have enjoyed reading the Observer for a number of years and always looked upon it as a liberal Democratic paper. However, a majority of our members feel that this policy has changed and that it has become an organ of radical militant groups. C. A. Stewart, secretary-treasurer, 3959 E. Lancaster, Fort Worth, Tex. Bush fan I have just read the letter to the Observer which was printed in the October 2 issue from Mr. Edgar Crane of Houston in which he accuses Mr. George Bush of being a Neanderthal or at least supporting a Neanderthal program. It seems strange to me that a man who supports the welfare reform \(the first overhauling of that ineffective and antiquated system since it who was one of the first proponents of revenue sharing whereby states such as Texas get a fair share of the tax dollar which the Federal Government confiscates for use in the State of Texas, should be called a Neanderthal or even a reactionary. It would be indeed a step forward for the State of Texas and the entire country if a man of George Bush’s intelligence and honesty were elected. Along these lines The Texas Observer may make a great contribution to the political cause by supporting George Bush rather than “beating around the bush.” Pat C. Guillot, Corrigan Tower, Dallas, Tex. 75201. Bravo’ Bravo to Ronnie Dugger. His, recent Observations should be repeated by liberals until they’re blue in the face. It’s time we break the stupid connection in the public