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OBSERVER 250 A Window to the South F October 2, 1970 Rabble without a cause By Bill Hamilton Dallas In spite of the heady morning-after headlines the State Democratic Convention in Dallas was hardly the liberals’ finest hour. More accurately, the liberal-progressive-labor wing of the state party presented a study in ineffectiveness, division, frustration, and chaos. Old warrior and young rebel alike, the libs were sniveling, querulous, irrational, silly, vain and boring, a rabble thrown together with neither plan nor” leaders nor imagination. Dignity was summoned at the appropriate moment for the liberal finale. Everyone knows the plot. The part where agendas are folded and stuffed into purse or pocket, coats are donned, a quick eye-contact survey \(Is everyone else . . .? Is and the obligatory walkout, shuffling into the whirr and the glare of the TV cameras, jaws locked, eyes set on some appropriate liberal martyr, some undefined, perhaps indefinable, vision. Out. Out of the air conditioning. Backs turned for another year on plump honchos of the party we have chosen, out of some love or controlled hatred, to afflict, reform, convert, show the way.