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List Price Some Suggested Titles In Stock ltlem. Price List Price Mem. Price LaUEMetAlartIM.:: . . ….: , LA RAZA: THE MEXICAN AMERICANS Stan Steiner . . . . . . $ 8.95 $ 7 ” ;,,:w ,:,..-,,. ‘ ,,,,,,,,,, ,”,,,, s. ‘,.,;;.;:k .o.,,, 41 ‘ctt .’ ,…Z.1 . ,;:t,, l.&:4, ,kk ipft v \\,,,,,1. 4 lb: SAL SI PUEDES: CESAR CHAVEZ AND THE NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION L6.95UTION Peter Matthiessen …….$ TIJVISUAL., ,,. AS’il: 0\(144*Pg 1 64140144VOism Ailt\(*. … AND OTHER DIRTY STORIES Larry L. King $ 5.50 $ 4.40 MILITARY JUSTICE IS’44,ickwAK: ”`” ikavek….. ,,,,,,,:..A.:44, , ….,,N, ROBERT KENNEDY: A MEMOIR Jack Newfield $ 6.95 $ 5.56 THE MAKING OF A COUNTER .16 i >. k il \\ :.t :: ‘ * :\\w V’ A THREE FRIENDS: BEDICHEK, DOBIE, WEBB William A. Owens 6.95 $ 5.56 IN A NARROW GRAVE Larry McMurtry . THE EMERGING REPUBLICAN MINORITY Kevin P. Phillips $ 7.95 5.95 4.76 6.36 4t, JUSTICE: THE CRISIS OF LAW, ORDER AND FREEDOM IN AMERICA Richard Harris ………$ 6.95 5.56 SOI4Z f F 1YMYSE3.E THE JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN READER 6.80 ADVENTURES WITH A TEXAS NATURALIST Roy Bedichek 4.50 3.60 THE BEST OF BRAN’N’ ;;’IlE ICONOCLAST $ 6.95 $ 5.56 1 ON HIS OWN: RFK 1964-68 Vanden Heuvel & Gwirtzman $ 7.95 $ 6.36 e THE ONE-EYED MAN Larry L. King 1 THE GREAT FRONTIER Walter Prescott Webb ….$ 6.00 $ 4.80 AVA ,V,,AA-A&V, THE TEXANS: WHAT THEY ARE-AND WHY David Nevin JFK AND LBJ Tom Wicker ….. ..$ 5.00 $ 4.00 s AA, 5.95 $ 4.76 DARK STAR: HIROSHIMA RECONSIDERED IN THE LIFE OF CLAUDE EATHERLY Ronnie Dugger $ 5.95 NORTH TOWARD HOME Willie Morris $ 5.95 $ 4.76 MY BROTHER LYNDON Sam Houston Johnson …$ 6.95 $ 5.56 Optional membership in the discount plan, at $5.00 for one year, entitles readers to order the above books or gny hardbound book in print \(except text, discount applies to all book purchases made during the 12 months of membership. If possible please enclose payment, including, for Texas residents, the 4 14% sales tax, with your order. Books are sent postpaid. A 25c service charge is added only to those orders not accompanied by payment. THE TEXAS OBSERVER BOOKSTORE 504 WEST 24TH, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705 Bentsen has paraded out some of the weaker links of the Yarborough wing of the party, most of them officeholders and party officials, to show that there is, indeed, evidence of party unity. The first to cave in was former Texas House Speaker James Turman, who now lives Washington, who managed Senator Yarborough’s badly run campaign. Bentsen now supports the Yarborough bill to create a 100,000-acre Big Thicket National Park, but with a curtsy to the lumber companies. 011ie Crawford of Jasper, president of the Texas Forestry Association, is a big Bentsen supporter. Perhaps for that reason, when Bentsen wrote Sen. Alan Bible, chairman of the Senate Parks and Recreation Subcommittee in Washington lauding the Yarborough Big Thicket bill, he noted that “those who oppose a large park … have arguments which should be considered by the Subcommittee. It should be noted that the large timber firms operating in the area are not only vital to the Texas economy, but have also engaged in business practices conducive to conservation.” Senator Yarborough and a number of other conservationists have contended that reckless cutting by large and small operatives is ruining the Big Thicket. And while it’s no great liberal issue, Bentsen is now parroting Yarborough’s criticism of Veteran’s Administration hospital practices and calling for bigger appropriations to support the institutions. He has called for more money for e -hospitals, more money for schools, in\( money for welfare programs; is this the man who called Yarborough a big spender in the spring? It isn’t a new tactic, but Bentsen seems to have perfected the both-sides-on-everyissue approach to politics. Damn the liberals in the spring, hug ’em quickly in the aftermath, and screw them once in office. It may work, but what an immoral way to run for office. Ah, you say. Don’t be a fool, Hamilton. What does politics have to do with morality? Let me quote Lloyd Bentsen: “The youngsters are going to inherit a nation with insurmountable problems, torn by distrust and warped by immorality, unless you and I help do something to turn things around.” 16 The Texas Observer MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, r dues. CENTRAL TEXAS ACLU luncheon meeting. Spanish Village. 2nd Friday every month. From noon. All welcome. THE TRAGEDY OF LYNDON JOHNSON Eric F. Goldman ….. .$ 8.95 $ 7.16 A VERY PERSONAL PRESIDENCY’LYNDON JOHNSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE Hugh Sjkle3 ,*