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Brewers Institute, replacing or aiding Homer Leonard. The high cost of being a politician also apparently has struck Ray Gabler of Austin, the Republican who ran Pickle in 1968. His Westlake Highlands property is being auctioned off this month to make up $4,400 in defaulted payments. Hearing on Leaks State Sen. D. Roy Harrington’s . interim committee on pipeline pollution should focus the state’s attention on the questions of how to prevent and clean up pipeline leaks. The Railroad Commission, the Game & Fish Commission, and the U.S. Coast Guard recently was put to work investigating an oil slick covering 14 square miles of Trinity Bay. As the Observer went to press, they had yet to discover its origin. State law requires companies to report well or pipeline leakage to the Railroad 10 The Texas Observer Commission, but few, if any, comply with the regulation. The state has no funds authorized to clean up oil and other slicks. Pipeline owners are responsible for the mess when the blame can be pinpointed. Harrington’s committee is expected to hold hearings on the problem early in 1970. Ralph M. Julliard, general manager of Freedom Newspapers, a group of three newspapers in the Rio Grande Valley that make the Dallas Morning News look leftwing, has been elected president of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association for 1970. Court Martials Pvt. Richard W. Chase, a Fort Hood soldier who ignored a direct order to participate in riot control training, was assessed two years imprisonment at hard labor and given a dishonorable discharge last week. Chase, who said he was granted “unofficial” status as a conscientious objector, contended that it is unconstitutional for the Army to train men for riot control as it violates other citizens’ constitutional rights. The judge disagreed. In a special court martial at Fort Hood recently, Pvt. Robert H. Bower was given the light sentence of 30 days at hard labor without confinement, a $75 fine, and reduction to the rank of E-1 for going AWOL to speak in uniform at an Oct. 15 anti-war rally in Austin. Bower argued that since defenders of the war, such as Maj. James N. Rowe, the Texan who was a Viet Cong captive for five years, can give speeches in uniform, he should be granted the same privilege to speak against the war. The Army contended that Rowe and General Westmoreland and other Army representatives are assigned to state official Army policy on the war. Soldiers, however, are not allowed to take personal political stands while in uniform. The evening of his court martial, Bower uniformed went to Austin to hold a press conference. The Army alleges he was AWOL once again. But instead of holding another court martial, Fort Hood officials decided to wash their hands of the Doesn’t this make sense? It is the fear of losing the wage earner’s earning power for ayear or longer which presents a threat to every Union family. Just as it is impossible to insure an existing fire, it is impossible to insure an existing illness or injury at the time of occurrence! Insurance must be placed before the catastrophe before the lockout of “living death.” We invite your consideration of the policy contract clauses of the American Income Life Insurance Company, the company with the policy with the arbitration clause for Union Labor! Our credentials? Our employees are organized and represented by Local 277 of The Office and Employees International Union of the AFL-CIO. And we like it! AMERICAN INCOME LIFE Lin.mee a r A Executive Offices, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas BERNARD RAPOPORT President A