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the bothermelater deal from pacifica. Pacifica Foundation is trying to start one of its listener-sponsored FM stations in Houston. Pacifica stations play what regular stations can’t, don’t or won’t. The result sounds so interesting that where we’re already on the air San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York a total of more than 40,000 listeners pay fifteen tax-deductible dollars a year for the programs and a monthly magazine about them. For the past seven months in Houston, Pacifica’s money-raising volunteers have heard many words to the following effect: “I’ll subscribe if the thing ever gets on the air, but don’t bother me now” Okay, all you people like that. We’ve run up a new coupon, below. Our doubting-Thomas special. No station, you never hear from us. But if the FCC says yes, one of our teen-aged accountants will write you our call letters, frequency and on-air date, asking you to remit $15 for four thousand hours or so of the most adventurous public broadcasting anywhere. Frankly, if Pacifica hadn’t been running like this for twenty-one years, we wouldn’t believe it ourselves. r —————————-.3====INIIMONIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIUMENNI I 1 Dear Pacifica: I 1 1 1 I’ll go along with this, because I think Houston could use a little Pacifica. If enough people like me 1 I pledge enough money for the FCC to approve ;’acifica’s Houston station, you may bill me and I 1 I shall pay $15 for a one-year subscription to the programming. I understand I’ll then get the 1 1 monthly program Folio for a year, and that my gift, when made, will be deductible when I do my I I I federal income tax. I 1 1 1 1 1 Signature 1 I I I I Name I I I I I I Street City Zip I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 -IL 04.3i I pacifica 1 1 1 Adventurous Public Broadcasting 1 I 1200 Bissonnet, Houston 77005 I L11111.1111111=1111111111111=11MMINIMIONI MNIMINEMINOrn MIME= MUM MNIMINIMIIIIMO=INIINIII The space for this advertisement was contributed by Bernard Rapoport, president of American Income Life Insurance Company, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas 76703. Mr. Rapoport sent in his fifteen dollars way last June and has been so kind since that Pacifica considers him paid up until the middle of the twenty-ninth century.