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It is not the kind of victory that makes headlines, but last spring, like ships that pass in the night, most of the huge shell dredges lifted their anchors and spuds and were towed quietly from the Galveston Estuary southward to Guadalupe and San Antonio Bays. On Wednesday afternoon, October 9, 1968, the last big dredge, Parker Brothers’ Trinity I, silently stole away, leaving only the little dredge, Pan Am, in the Galveston Estuary. This virtually terminates a period of despoliation which has been Bob Eckhardt going on for more than four years and has been so hotly opposed by conservationists all that time. The campaign was a long and hard one. After four years of frustrating attempts, even to get information from the Parks and Wildlife Commission-much less to get relief-we turned to Federal agencies to protect Texas natural resources. Thus, when I came to Congress in January, 1967, I joined in supporting the Estuarine Bill, which was then designed to protect the bays from man-made attack. But immediate relief was needed. At a Bay Conference called in April 1967 I was able to develop information that dredging in the Galveston Estuary without a Corps of Engineers permit was illegal. The Corps of Engineers is required by the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 and the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958 to consult with the Interior Department on possible effects on marine life before the Corps may issue dredging permits in navigable waters. None of the dredging firms had valid or existing permits-most had not even applied. After these facts were developed, a flood of dredging permit applications reached the Corps. The dredgers simply were attempting retroactively to comply with the Federal law after they had already dredged out the s h e 11. We demanded a full hearing before the Corps. OUR ACTION-what was done in Washington and the public pressure of conservationists-induced the Corps of Engineers to hold a public hearing on 10 The Texas Observer