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all they traded a few beads and trinkets for quite a hunk of real estate. If they weren’t such good traders, I would offer to trade a Democratic governor for a Republican governor. . . . “What this country is looking for is new leadership that will free our national life of the old-hat slogans of the New Deal and free our foreign policy ‘of the hangover of the Cold War. “We need new, brave thinking to solve our social problems at home. More of the same is not enough. Most of the great reforms of the New Deal are law, and the people and both parties in the main accept these reforms. What the people want now is leaders who don’t expect us to bow down and thank them for the completed work of a generation that is past. We want men who are not prisoners of the past. We want men who understand that when a situation is as serious, as dangerous, and as unjust as our national situation, the people will not accept words, and words, and words, whether they’re the Great Society or the Politics of Joy. The people want and will accept and be grateful for nothing but actual change, actual improvement that can be measured, in the life of the nation the ghettoes, the poor, the hungry, the denied, and in the lives of all the rest of us, too. “It is just about the same thing abroad. We are sick and tired of slogans that sound good but wind up costing us 25,000 American boys in a little, distant country. We are not going to be taken in any more by words and arguments that wind up meaning, in fact, that we will brutalize a whole little country and bring down upon ourselves the opprobium and contempt of the civilized world. What we want is men who understand that the work of statesmen is to solve problems without violence and that force and war mean that the statesmen have flat failed. In this nuclear age, we cannot afford warmaking as a substitute for policymaking.” SENATOR TOWER, as expected, released Texas delegates to the Republican convention from their commitment to support him as a favorite son and urged them to support Nixon. The telegram Tower sent to each of the dele gates, informing them of his decision, read: “I want you to know that . . . I regard Richard Nixon as the man best qualified by knowledge, experience, and judgement to be the next president of the United States and that I will work for his nomination and election. “In my opinion this releases the Texas delegation from any moral commitment to continue a favorite son strategy. Any technical questions about delegation release arising from the wording of our convention resolution can be resolved in our caucus at Miami. In the meantime, I believe any announcements of candidate preferences are entirely a matter for your individual decision. . . .” Contrary to the impression of many, no unit rule resolution was adopted at the state Republican convention, since the proposed 1968 GOP convention rules, would prohibit the unit rule. The Texas senator simply released the delegates from a moral commitment to him. The state convention’s resolution committed the delegates to Tower “until released June 21, 1968 15 Hear! Hear! met the prevailing wages and conditions . . . but in fact .. . has agreed to a contract which establishes patterns for all of organized labor to attempt to achieve in future collective bargaining.” The above statement was made to a Texas AFL-CIO official by a Business Representative of the Office and Employees International Union who had just completed negotiations for a two year agreement, following Unionization of American Income employees. We think the statement stands on its own merits. Don’t you? We Like Organized Labor! AMERICAN INCOME LIFE t Atetewe Executive Offices, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas BERNARD RAPOPORT President V V TtY A