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If possible please enclose payment, including, for Texas residents, the 3% state and Austin sales tax, with charge to those orders not accompanied by payment. * except text, technical, and reference books. THE TEXAS 03SERVER BOOKSTORE 504 WEST 24TH, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705 ness community. He would be another in a line of businessmen running this state largely by precepts that are valid in the business world though they may not obtain in meeting the general good. Once again the business community would be favored at the expense of other segments of the Texas society-working people, minority groups, and the white collar mortgage slaves in suburbia. Whether Yarborough could turn the course of Texas into new directions is a very big question at this point. Texas has seen its liberal reformers advocate one course and actually follow another; the examples of several state senators and labor leaders is, as the Observer has pointed out in recent issues, is instructive in this regard. There is reason for suspicion of Yarborough’s broadening his appeal to the voters, seeming to be not quite “so liberal”; yet this can be understood, and written off, as a politician who believes he is ahead in an election campaign seeking merely to consolidate and widen his base of support. Yarborough’s disclaimers of labels notwithstanding, he is known as a liberal, he would be expected to govern the state accordingly if he is elected. Such is the understanding he has struck with the electorate in four statewide compaigns since 1960. With Yarborough as governor, liberalism would be under keen scrutiny, on trial. Liberalism is under sharp attack these days, from both its left and right flanks. Whether the philosophy holds any viable answers for, any relevance to the problems that face Texas, is still a hard and serious question. Beginning to turn the course of this state’s government in the few years that Yarborough might have would be a tall order, considering the problems posed by the impetus that three decades movement in one direction, accommodating the needs and wishes of the corporations, has provided. Yet if Texas is to begin to face squarely its real and worsening problems, the ghettos and barrios, a shameful public education system, worsening pollution, low personal income-in general a disdain of or lack of concern for the general good-governors of the sort that Don Yarborough can be are urgently needed. No longer can Texas afford champions of the status quo such as Preston Smith in the governor’s office. Not if this state is to become a congenial place in which to live, on a parity with the best this nation offers in the mid-twentieth century. Ralph on LBJ We at the Observer are in danger of belaboring the point, I know, but almost weekly it seems Sen. Ralph Yarborough is escalating expression of his distaste for the US involvement in Vietnam. The latest occasion was in El Paso earlier this month. Addressing a five-state meeting of the National Education Assn., a gathering concerned with the problems of Spanishspeaking students, Yarborough for the May 24, 1968 15 first time in my recollection directly criticized the Johnson administration for its preoccupation with Vietnam at the expense of pressing domestic needs. Plugging hard for more money to be released for the bilingual education bill which Yarborough pushed through the Congress last year, the senator told the educators at El Paso, “We must get through the thick, callous hides of the Bureau of the Budget and the administration. Governments, federal and state,