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3100 N. OCEAN BOULEVARD FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA OPEN ALL YEAR On the ocean Private beach Swim ming Pool Palm studded lawns DancingEntertainment Games Air-Conditioned Heated Luxurious Room and Apts. . . . All with balconies Golf privileges. Our archaeologist, a sun-burnt, baldheaded young man, came to life after the second tequila and launched into an enthusiastic discourse on the assistance Governor John Connally is giving state employees in the study of past human life. “Mr. Connally has done more than any governor in the history of Texas,” he said. “Why, with his help there are all kinds of things we can dosave Mission San Bernardo, maybe even find one of LaSalle’s lost ships which stirred up the Spanish to begin with.” Charlie Morris, big Intellectual and ex”labor lawyer,” now Professor Morris, looked the other way with a display of dignity befitting a hightoned educator and, unlike his usual self, said nothing. THE NEXT MORNING we headed home? crossing the Rio Grande to Eagle Pass, but no river, not even the mighty Rio Grande, can separate the village we had visited the day before from the antiquity belonging to both Texas and Mexico. Crumbling San Bernardo, the historic homes of Guerrero, and old Fort St. John the Baptist with its Paso de Francia are a cornerstone of our Texas heritage. El 10 The Texas Observer CLASSIFIED BOOK PLATES FREE CATALOGUE Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address BOOKPLATES. Yellow Springs 24, Ohio. IIIIIINVVVVVVVIIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVA”AfINVIAANNIVVVVNI% Observations Austin Fagan Dickson is one of this state’s most distinguished Democrats. Only a few leading Democrats, men such as Walter Hall of Dickinson, J. R. Parten of Houston, and Dickson, have managed to maintain good relations with both the Johnson and the Yarborough sides of Texas politics. Dickson’s liberalism is not open to question and his credentials as a Johnson man brook no objection. He has been a New Dealer, a Fair Dealer, a New Frontiersman, and a Great Societist. Nothing would impel him to speak out on Vietnam except an overwhelming conviction that he should place the welfare of his country ahead of his party. This he has now done. In two privately-printed pamphlets, the Austin attorney has condemned our Vietnam adventure as “an evangelistic war with Catholic overtones.” He says Johnson is escalating and Americanizing the war “with the missionary zeal of a Billy Graham engaged in a Holy Cause.” The government, he writes, is not acting in the American tradition “when it adopts war as an instrument of foreign policy \\’ithout a declaration by Congress and follows a policy of intervention in violation of the territorial integrity of foreign nations. It must be relying on thoughts Other than those found in the United States Constitution, or the United Nations Charter, to make such actions ‘right.’ ” He says that the enemy we are fighting in Vietnam is not a nation or a people but an ideology; yet the nation is making treaties and building bridges of friendship with communist nations of Eastern Europe. Facing what he sees as a communist religious-type crusade that is world-wide, taking many forms in many nations, Dickson reasons that we cannot undertake a counter-religious war without becoming a dictatorship. “A dictatorship would seem to be required,” he writes. Meanwhile, if the nation is following McCarthyism turned international, he believes that there is “sure to be a revival of McCarthyism in this country. It doesn’t make sense for a father to have a son killed in Vietnam fighting communism and not do something about the public libraries, teachers, and fellow travelers in this county who may, in his opinion, be corrupting the minds of the rest of his family with evil thoughts .. , The John Birchers and Joe McCarthys can be expected to rise again . “It appears now that there has been a misunderstanding. Mr. Goldwater is winning after all.” Fagan Dickson’s solution is that “our troops in Vietnam stop the war unilaterally, repair to bastions like Cam Ranh Bay . .. and wait for a more propitious time for total evacuation .. . What kind of government the Vietnamese establish for themselves in the meantime is their own business.” The sounds from the political countryside are muted, in Texas, this fall. People seem to be musing, drifting, thinking, wondering. There is something going on in this body politic. Perhaps Fagan Dickson is what is going on. How’s That Again? I read in Sam Wood’s story in the Austin American that Gov. John Connally says Sen. Ralph Yarborough is “a very despicable man.” I can’t make out quite why, because all Sam tells us that the senator did was criticize Connally for not asking that South Texas be declared a disaster area sooner, in the course of which the senator said that “if the governor doesn’t know we have had a disaster in Texas, he is the only one of 200 million Americans who doesn’t know it.” Well, that’s right, isn’t it? Seems so to What Is Going On