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Individuals Against the Crime of Silence A Declaration To Our Fellow Citizens Of The United States, To The Peoples Of The World, And To Future Generations: We are appalled and angered by the conduct of our country in Vietnam. 2 In the name of liberty, we have unleashed the awesome arsenal of the greatest military power in the world upon a small agricultural nation, killing, burning and mutilating its people. In the name of peace, we are creating a desert. In the name of security, we are inviting world conflagration. 3 We, the signers of this declaration, believe this war to be immoral. We believe it to be illegal. We must oppose it. 4 At Nuremberg, after World War II, we tried, convicted and executed men for the crime of OBEYING their government, when that government demanded of them crimes against humanity. Millions more, who were not tried, were still guilty of THE CRIME OF SILENCE. 5 We have a commitment to the laws and principles we carefully forged in the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, at the NUREMBERG TRIALS, and in the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER. And our own deep democratic traditions and our dedication to the ideal of human decency among men demand that we speak out. We Therefore wish to declare our names to the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations, both as permanent witness to our opposition to the war in Vietnam and as a demonstration that the conscience of America is not dead. On September 23, 1965. a Memorandum of Law was incorporated in the Congressional Record of the 89th Congress of the United States of America, In which eighty leading American attorneys, after careful analysis of our position and actions In the Vietnam War, came to the conclusion that we are violating the following accords: This Charter of the United Nations, The Geneva Accords of 1954, the United States Constitution. To ProtestTo ObjectTo Dissent has long been an American tradition. The following are a few among the many who have signed this declaration to be on permanent record. ABE AJAY JAMES BALDWIN DANIEL BERRIGAN, S.J. REV. PHILLIP BERRIGAN, S.S.J. RAY BRADBURY ROBERT McAFFEE BROWN REV. WILLIAM H. DU BAY JAMES FARMER W. H. FERRY DR. JEROME D. FRANK REV. STEPHEN H. FRITCHMAN BEN GAZZARA DR. FRED GOLDSTEIN NAOMI L. GOLDSTEIN DR. RALPH R. GREENSON PROF. ABRAHAM J. HESCHEL BRIG. GENERAL H. B. HESTER, RET. DR. STANLEY HOFFMAN TERESSA B. HOFFMAN CHARLES H. HUBBEL SANDER L. JOHNSON, ESQ. PROF. DONALD KALISH EDWARD M. KEATING PHIL KERBY RING LARDNER, JR. RABBI RICHARD N. LEVY LOUIS LICHT, ESQ. DR. ROBERT E. LITMAN VICTOR LUDWIG HERBERT D. MAGIDSON SHIRLEY MAGIDSON NORMAN MAILER THOMAS MERTON SIDNEY MEYER EASON MONROE PROF. HANS J. MORGENTHAU HENRY E. NILES DR. MARK F. ORFIRER AVA HELEN PAULING DR. LINUS PAULIN BISHOP JAMES A. PIKE RICHARD M. POWELL CARL REINER JANICE RULE ROBERT RYAN DAVID SCHOENBRUN LORRY SHERMAN PROF. ROBERT SIMMONS DR. BENJAMIN SPOCK FRED H. STEINMETZ, ESQ. DR. NORMAN TABACHNICK D. IAN THIERMANN BRYNA IVENS UNTERMEYER LOUIS UNTERMEYER DICK VAN DYKE ROBERT VAUGHN DR. MAURICE N. WALSH DR. HARVEY WHEELER A. L. WIRIN, ESQ. I wish to sign my name to the above Declaration to the United Nations and want to go on record with this Declaration of the Individuals Against the Crime of Silence. signature For clarity. also print your name after your signature address date City State zip Sign, complete and mail to P.O. Box 69960, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. The office of the Individuals Against the Crime of Silence will then forward the Information to the United Nations. Should you also wish to support additional publishings and communications, send S1 or more in cash or by check made payable to Individuals Against the Crime of Silence. This donation entitles you to the lapel emblem and the wallet-sized registration card. Money is needed to speed our progress. The strength of our numbers will regularly and effectively be made known. Your signature does have power.