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You and Millions of Americans Together Can End the Vietnam War NMI NEGOTIATION NOW! A National Citizens’ Campaign for New Initiatives to End the War This is America’s chance to speak Our names can save the lives of American soldiers and innocent Vietnamese. Our names can change history. Right now, in every city in every state, thousands of us are getting the signatures of all Americans who want this war ended honorably thr6ugh nego. tiations, and who are ready to say so. Put your name on President Johnson’s desk. Sign the statement. Please mail by September 21, 1967, as signatures on hand soon go to the President and Congress. Ask others to sign. But We’ve Stopped the Bombing Before and it Didn’t Work. Why Should It Work Now? Previous U.S. bombing halts have not made our willingness to negotiate with all combatants, including the National Liberation Front. We have maintained unacceptable preconditions to negotiations, such as demanding North Viet Nam stop aiding one side while U.S. troops continue fighting it. If the U.S. halts the bombing and is willing to negotiate with the National Liberation Front on fair terms, we can expect responseor know who is responsible for continuing the war. IF WE STOP BOMBING, WON’T THE OTHER SIDE JUST BUILD UP ITS FORCES AND INCREASE THE DANGER TO THE LIVES OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS? The great danger is continued escalation to a full-scale nuclear war. For the sake of those young men who are now fighting and those who will be called upon to fight, we ought to try a new policy. Many more lives are endangered by prolonged fighting or by escalation to all-out war. WE SUPPORT THE CALL BY U THANT FOR NEW INITIATIVES TO BRING ABOUT NEGOTIATIONS AMONG ALL PARTIES TO THE CONFLICT, LEADING TO A POLITICAL SETTLEMENT OF THE VIETNAM WAR. WE CALL UPON THE UNITED STATES, THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD, TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND END THE BOMBING OF NORTH VIETNAM NOW AND WITHOUT CONDI-TIONS. WE ASK OUR GOVERNMENT TO TAKE FURTHER INITIATIVES LEADING TO A STANDSTILL TRUCE. WE ASK NORTH VIETNAM AND THE NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT TO RESPOND AFFIRMATIVELY TO ANY NEW UNITED STATES INITIATIVES AND TO JOIN WITH THE U. S. IN A STANDSTILL CEASE-FIRE. WE ASK SOUTH VIETNAM TO RESPECT AND JOIN IN THESE STEPS. THIS COURSE OF ACTION PRESENTS TO THE UNITED STATES A MORAL ALTERNATIVE TO OUR STATED POLICY OF BRINGING ABOUT NEGOTIATIONS BY FORCE, OR TO THE DEVASTATION OF AN ALL-OUT WAR, AND A MORE REALISTIC ALTERNATIVE THAN UNILATERAL WITHDRAWAL. WE BELIEVE THAT SUCH INITIATIVES NOW CAN BREAK THE IMPASSE AND LEAD TO NEGOTIA-TIONS AND A POLITICAL SETTLEMENT PROVIDING FOR THE REMOVAL OF ALL FOREIGN TROOPS AND FOR GENUINELY DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN WHICH ALL SOUTH VIETNAMESE CAN PAR-TICIPATE FREELY. SOME SPONSORS OF THE STATEMENT RT. REV. GEORGE W. BARRETT Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Rochester ROBERT S. BILHEIMER Director, International Affairs Programs, Nation. al Council of Churches MARRINER ECCLES Utah Mining and Construc tion, Salt Lake City JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH Chairman, Americans for Democratic Action, Cambridge DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta VICTOR REUTHER Labor Leader, Washington, D.C. ARTHUR SCHLESINGER, JR. Author and Historian, New York EARL P. STEVENSON Former President and Chairman of the Board, Arthur D. Little Co., Boston PROF. LOUIS POLLAK BISHOP VICTOR J. REED Yale Law School, New Diocese of Oklahoma City, Haven Tulsa HELP END THE WAR PLEASE SIGN CLEARLY NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP 1 2 3 Here is $ .. copies for cir culation in my community. Return this statement with all contributions to George W. Crawford, Texas Co-ordinator Negotiation Now! Care of: American Friends Service Committee 4717 Crawford St., Houston, Texas 77004