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NO 4thTERM! 1 for 25c; 6 for $1 100 for $10; 1,000 for $65 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 W. 24th Austin, Texas., 78705 GARNER AND SMITHH B STORE 2116 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas, 78705 Mail order requests promptly filled 4 Doesn’t this make sense? It is the fear of losing the wage earner’s earning power for a year or longer which presents a threat to every Union family. Just as it is impossible to insure an existing fire, it is impossible to insure an existing illness or injury at the time of occurrence! Insurance must be placed before the catastrophe before the lockout of “living death.” We invite your consideration of the policy contract clauses of the American Income Life Insurance Company, the company with the policy with the arbitration clause for Union Labor! Our credentials? Our employees are organized and represented by Local 277 of The Office and Employees International Union of the AFL-CIO. And we like it! AMERICAN INCOME LIFE inAtetanee Executive Offices, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas BERNARD RAPOPORT President Walking downtown, I see how Austin is pushing upward in its construction, moved by forces as heedless as an earthquake. The stretch between the campus , and the capitol is now a battleground for attention, with vistas spoiled by multistory apartment houses and suitably bureaucratic-looking state office buildings, modeled in design on the filing cabinet. Since when has Austin had to build upward? The Texas sky is vast and shored up by clouds. The State Highway Building, where I spent my afternoons employed as. a “commissioner’s cousin,” has been brightened by much tourist fodder put on display in the lobby. I find the personnel older but still serviceable. \( The -Good People of Texas damn sure got their money’s worth disrupts all office routine. Someone mutters about “beatnik student life” and I counter with a reminder that some of the best-groomed men in America run the Mafia; they get killed in barbershops. \(The reaction to this reminds me I had am asked what “people Up North think about 01′ Lyndon.” I reply that they try not to think about him. It is just like old times. I return through the capitol and stop at that spot under the dome where a footstep bounds up in echoes to the very top. Always made me think the whole damn splendiferous edifice was hollow. I leave when the clerk at the capitol’s souvenir counter \(creeping commercialfoot-tapping. I was probably scaring the tourists. I look up from The American to find the UN on KTBC-TV. You mean something’s been going onin Israel! I return to my friend’s post in the UT library and get a Times out of the newspaper collection. Seems there was a rally right in my neighborhood: “Support Israel!” The part-time helper from San Antonio offers me his copy of New Republic \(“just and find it staleI got it in the mail the week before in New York. “Hell, you know we’re behind here,” he says. My parents and I and The Family Dog watch TV my last night in Austin. Put forward as entertainment is a 30-minute commercial for the airlines. Bruce Bennett stars. The Family Dog leaves the MOM. San AntonioWe eat at a Howard Johrison’s.n I guess that qualifies as a “Texist style” Meal :now. Braniff has another surprise in store for me: I am told that my excursion flight should never have been sold to me. I am allowed on board, anyway, and sit next to a Dallas-bound couple who are bitching about the ten-minute delay. “Typ’cal!” Do they always fyy Braniff? “Sure!” We do not discuss politics. There is no need. DallasI had told my aunts I’d have to change planes, at Love Field because Braniff told me so. Then it told me otherwise. I get out, anyway, because my aunts planned to Meet me. At Love Field. They look quite summery. I ask about the bunnies. Everyone is fine. Aunt Puss’ cake has been eaten away at last. I wave as I re-board my jet. We leave 20 minutes late. I think we are served chicken for dinner. New York. CityIsrael attacks Egypt my first morning back. I cannot walk across town for the nice Jewish kids, wielding coin-collection cans, who urge me, “Support Israel?” I do not know if the Israelis are attacking Nasser or polio but I contribute, for I oppose both. I like the sense .of involvement! My neo-romantic Czech-Jewish landlady, whose parting advice was, “Come good home now,” fills me in on the grisly details of the garbage-collectors’ strike \(“Don’t ask me I am, I think, utterly removed from Down-Home Doings when a picture postcard .of The Alamo arrives from San Antonio, bearing the message: “They died for your freedomand mine.” It is signed, “John Wayne.” I suspect a Highway Department associate but I will never admit it. I’m going to try and sell this pretty thing to a Texas millionaire who collects autographs! September 1, 1967 9