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tests, believes that Yarborough will retire, perhaps in favor of a federal judgeship, rather than run again in 1970. Col. Homer Garrison, D.P.S. head, told McNeely that he had no comment on whether the investigation into the case was continuing in 1965, nor would Garrison say anything about the results of the D.P.S. inquiries into the matter. Many Yarborough supporters have expressed dismay that the Senator hasn’t brought suit against the Dallas News and, perhaps, the two alleged witnesses, for spreading the $50,000 story. Yarborough, McNeely says, probably felt sufficiently vindicated by the results of the 1964 elections and saw no need “to submit an already favorable verdict for review by a jury,” as McNeely puts it. Furthermore, McNeely points out, in such a trial, the News would be able to subpoena Yarborough’s records, something that “would probably be disastrous to any politician,” McNeely believes. G.O. The Ghosts of Urban Renewal Haunt Fort Worth’s Leaders Fort Worth Fort Worth’s city council campaign has been something of a rerun of the urban renewal debacle which divided and embittered the city last spring with one of the most vicious hate campaigns in local history. Establishment candidates, headed by incumbent Mayor Willard Barr, started out to’ make the issue for the April 4 election “community cooperation for, the betterment of Fort Worth,” but no w find themselves tangled up with the urban renewal issue on which the Estab’ lis invent, in 1966, took its worst political beating in many a year. The, challengers tried the, slogan “power pOlitics” in an attempt to generate some heat over the Establiphment’s recentlyan Organization form6d last .October, supposedly to. encourage responsible citizens to ran for city .and county offices. Failing ,to, buildup the necessary heat, opposition = ileadersi Harris Hoover, an arch;conservative who is seeking a third terra ,on the ,council, and iron works executive Dewitt McKinley, candidate for mayor, dug up the urban renewal issue and tapped its well-organized opponents. Notwithstanding all the smoke-screening by both sides, the underlying issues in the campaign seem to be the need to diversify Fort Worth’s economic base, and opposition among local land developers to, city manager J. L. Brownlee. FORT WORTH liberals, who again find themselves without any candidates to get very excited about, tend to support the GGL slate, believing that its mbitibers ‘nay do something to broaden the city’s economic foundation. As One longtime resident explains, “If peace ever breaks out, Fort Worth is dead,” referring to the huge defense contracts given to the city’s major industries, General Dynamics’ and Bell Helicopter. Also of concern to liberals here is the GGL’s opposition, which appears to be more conservative than the Establishment. And, many liberals see the formation of the Sue Horn Estes moved to Arlington last year and has become active in civic affairs in that area. She is a journalism graduate of the University of Kentucky and has reported for newspapers in EvansVille and Bloomington, Ind., Wheaton, Ill., ,and Fort Worth. Sue Horn Estes GGL as an admission by the Establishment that no one man has been able to fill the power vacuum left by Amon Carter’s death and is, therefore, a repudiation of one-man rule. Brownlee has raised the ire of local land developers and slumlords when he began enforcing building codes that require developers to pay a portion of curbing, sewage and utility installation’ in new housing -developments, and requiring slumlords to fix up all newly purchased property before it can be rented. Hoover terms Brownlee “dictatorial,” and says Mayor Barr is a “puppet.” Barr believes that “Hoover would fire Brownlee in a minute, if he could.’ Hoover, a councilman, had been expected to run against Barr for mayor, but on March 1, in a full-page advertisement in the Star Telegram, . Hoover’s closest friend, McKinley, announced he would make the challenge. The next day, in another full-page ad, voters were urged to be “independent.” The ad was paid for by Tyson Poppell’s Committee of Independent Voters for the Protection of Property Rights, one of the moving forces behind the defeat of urban renewal last year. On March 3 the Star-Telegram attacked McKinley for “power politics.” On March 7 Hoovet ‘found he had a tougher opponent fighting his bid’ for a third term on the council; Mrs. Edith Deen, another incumbent, switched places with a nonincumbent, Ira Kersnick, to challenge Hoover. Both Mrs. Deen and Kersnick are GGL-endorsed. MEANWHILE, THE anti-urban renewal organization set up a campaign headquarters and began soliciting money and distributing literature on behalf of the anti-GGL slate. Later this month urban renewal became more of an active issue as the challengers began charging that the same people who back the GGL’ are the prime supporters of urban renewal. This election, the challengers assert, is a test to see whether urban renewal will again be tried in Fort Worth. The GGL has been countering the opposition’s campaign by charging that it is one of “Chicago-style politics.” Last week, in another full-page ad, the Fort Worth Taxpayers’ Assn. endorsed a nine-man slate in opposition to the GGL. Four of the nine are in some way involved in real estate or land development. The ad concluded “A vote FOR these candidates is a vote AGAINST urban renewal!” Speculation about where the challengers’ money is coming from is a topic of wide interest here. The anti-GGL slate is running about two full-page newspaper billboards up around town. The current and most persistent rumor is that funds are coming from Dallas billionaire H. L. Hunt, a devotee of right wing causes. McKinley was asked about this. He laughed and denied the report. “We could sure use some money from somewhere, though,” he said, “This campaign is getting mighty expensive.” As things now stand, the outcome seems unpredictable. A great deal depends on ‘how successful Hoover, McKinley, and their supporters are in whipping up the passions brought to the surface during the urban renewal fight. March 31, 1967 , 9 Worried About A GENERATIONAL GAP?” El Your politics and those of the young left? Your morality and those of your daughter? El Your morality and those of your daughter’s boyfriend? SUBSCRIBE TO THE RAG* the well-illustrated, strictly unauthorized, weekly newspaper of the New Left at the University of. Texas. *Member of the Underground Press Syndicate. 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