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seen the changes brought about when, after six months or a year, the man and wife are convinced they are freed from the burden of a new baby every year or two,Th new baby they cannot afford and don’t have the strength to care for…. Robert N. Jones, 3002 Dutton St., Dallas 11, Texas. A Change in Thinking Prompted by Editor Dugger’s review of the books about the Kennedy assassinathing I could obtain on this subject including , excerpts from Penn Jones’ book in November Ramparts and Inquest by Epstein. Previously I had believed that Oswald did act alone, as the “Johnson Commission” reported to the world, despite a haunting thought I have had since soon after the assassination when I read about the type weapon Oswald supposedly used. I own a carbine similar to the one claimed to have been used by Oswald. The Mannlicher-Carcano carbine \(6.5 mm, Italian weaponry. I’m sure anyone knowledgeable about guns, as Oswald supposedly was, would not waste money attaching a telescopic scope to it, much less use it for anything other than a collector’s item. Not only is it of poor craftsmanship, but according to Melvin M. Johnson, Jr. in his book Rifles and Machine Guns, “The far ahead of the trigger for efficient rapidfire.” I have always believed that this weapon even in mint condition with all kinds of accessories could not posibly have been fired that fast and accurately, even by the greatest sharpshooter. This thought, together with Jones’ book and the other articles and books on the assassination I have read in recent weeks, has helped bring on a complete about face in my thinking. I am now thoroughly 16 The Texas Observer level conspiracy to have escaped exposure during the past three years. I concur with Dugger that the case should be reopened, and I am pleased that he is continuing his “sleuthing.” Antonio 78201, Texas. Confusion’s Masterpiece R. D.’s scornful dismissal of Barbara Garson’s “MacBird” [Obs. Nov. 25] was swell, but I wish he had fingered the nasty little thing long enough to consider another of its flaws: The false analogy between Texas and Shakespeare. True, there is that full-scale replica of the Globe standing forlornly on the Odessa steppes but it’s never used. Timon of Athens only sounds like a Texas boy. Caliban has made it quite often in Texas politics. But Hamlet? Lear? Never! And as for Othello \(“Haply that I am black ministration is a comedy of errors that, measure for measure, is turning out to be more ado about nothing than any other promising one in American history. Otherwise, I see no connection. Harris Green, 331 W. 87th, New York City. Responsible Dissent The billboard on Interregional was not posted by the Austin Committee, but by Stance, whose name and post office box number appear on the ad. Stance is not connected with the Students for a Democratic Society, and was formed by a group of students who left the Austin Committee because of its domination by irresponsible elements. To avoid being identified with the S.D.S, the new organization has attempted to work in the Austin community rather than on the college campus. There are no S.D.S members among the present participants, and keeping opposition to the war in Vietnam as a separate issue from drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, outlandish style of dress and obscenity has been a primary objective. This correction seems more pertinent for “Claudy’s” article, which seems to assume that the “new left” stand alone against war and racism. Responsible dissent is also present in the United States, and is more likely to be effective than generalized rebellion of adolescents. Mary Umberson, Box 8142, Austin, Tex., 78712. \(Editor’s note: In the Dec. 9 Observer was an item that read, in full: “The Austin committee opposing the war in Vietnam has rented a billboard alongside a busy thoroughfare. This month, as the group’s first message, a Norman Rockwell painting of two children in prayer bears a cap’Please End the War, Bring Daddy Home’.” Beardnik, Schmeardnik What the hell is a “beardnik”? [Observations, Obs., Nov. 25.] Is it any different from just anybody who wears a beard? . . . I know I’m a humorless old AntiReactionary, but to me it seems like giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Tom Miller, 711 West Sycamore St., Denton, Texas. Paid $3.50 Per Day I find that some of our small rural schools pay their cooks only $3.50 per eight-hour day. One in particular is an elderly lady who cooks for 40 pupils and two teachers. I complained to the county school superintendent; he replied, “We can only pay them the amount we collect from the school lunch.” Max Marburger, Route 2, Flatonia, Texas 78941. Who Would Be Mr. GAS? I’m sorry to be late with my check, fellers, but I just been too busy to get around to it, until now. Six dollars isn’t too much, and it’s worth it to get news from civilization east of the Pecos. I was considering sending a check for $25, but you guys have always admired intellect over monetary gain, so I am sending a genuine, fresh-ground, flavor-filled idea, as follows: I propose a beauty contest for the purpose of finding the sweetest, freshest, most reassuring political face for the presidency. This face should have the crowning virtues of gutsiness, affirmativeness, and sincerity; thus the winner will be named, “Mr. GAS.” Mr. Shivers, being retired from politics, would not be in the running, but we could give him the title, “Emeritus GAS;” or being an East Texan, perhaps “Emeritus Swamp GAS” would be more appropriate. Uncle Lyndon will naturally be considered the title holder until 1968, when the real contest will be held. After the usual talent and bathing suit exhibition, we can have George Romney, Mark Hatfield, Ronnie Reagan, George Wallace, and John Whatshisname for finalists. The all-important selection will be made on the firmness of tone, gleam of eye, set of jaw and most convicing GAS in pronouncing the words, “Business,” “Holy Bible,” “Sovereign Rights,” “Individual,” and “Communist Inspired Student Agitators.” The tearful, happy winner will be paraded down the ramp to a giant replica of the White House, made of frosted treacle, where Bert Parks will swear him in, while Skitch Henderson plays the pageant theme song, “Give Us A President Who Has GAS.” Now, you got to admit, that idea is worth at least $19, and the $6 check to make up the difference makes me a $25 patron subscriber. Next year, I’ll get up one worth $94, because it makes a guy feel good to have status among Texas liberals. Michael A Fox, 8316 Signal Peak, El Paso, Tex., 79904.