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At the American Legion convention June of our fellow countrymen” who “demon4. Carr rebuked “certain elected officials” strate against our foreign policies in a who “publicly use half-truths to distort manner designed to embarass our national our foreign involvement” and “thousands leaders and to give aid and comfort to our 12 The Texas Observer enemies. Texas Liberal Democrats Come to Meetin’ Spring Convention, Villa Capri, Austin, June 17-19 Newspaper ads are supposed to have ringing messages full of exclamation points. We have a message that is too important to be reduced to sloganeering. Those civilized values which pass in our culture as “liberalism” are in disarray in Texas. Governor Connally and his minions have proved that a new provincial racism, centering on such “non-radical” issues as “vote frauds” and the “sanctity of the real estate developer,” can be just as effective as the more candid racism of the Shivers era. In the world much wider than Texas, the question exists: what contribution can Texas liberals make to a world full of revolutionary hopes that can, with help, become democratically fulfilled? Can a Texan, as an individual person, make a difference? A number of folks in the Texas Liberal Democrats are determined to go on trying. We are calling all concerned people to a meeting in Austin this month. We intend to do a lot of talking, because it is time for us to meet again as we did at Buchanan Dam in 1952, to find our friends again, to think together again, to have a good time together . . . and to see where we go from here. So this is a three-day meeting . . . Friday evening, June 17 . . . Saturday, June 18 . . . and a before-we-go-home summary meeting on Sunday, June 19. Besides you, we have invited some other folks to give us their views: Leon Shull, National Director, Americans for Democratic Action Henry Schwarzschild, Executive Director, Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee of the American Civil Liberties Union Robert Eckhardt, Congressman-elect, eighth district of Texas Charles Caldwell, CORE regional director for the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware AS TO FREE HOUSINGEthel Barrow, 4509 Crestway, Austin. RESERVATIONSVilla Capri, Austin. Christian and Locke v President Johnson took Connally’s press man and general assistant, George Christian, into the second tier of White House staffers. . . Eugene Locke, Connally’s state Democratic chairman for two years, has been named Johnson’s am bassador to Pakistan. . . . Johnson had Roy Elizondo of Houston, new state president of PASO; Dr. Hector Garcia of Corpus Christi, president, American GI Forum; Alfred J. Hernandez, Houston, president of LULAC; and two California Latin lead ers to a conference, and asked them to plan a big conference on Latin problems. Elizon do and Garcia were highly pleased and op timistic. This was Johnson’s answer to criticism that Latins were not included in a White House conference on civil rights. . . . Speaker Ben Barnes attends a White House legislative leaders’ conference June 15-16. . . . The San Antonio press specu lates that Maury Maverick, Jr., may be appointed to the U.S. district judgeship vacant in San Antonio. 1/ Sen. Ralph Yarborough is co-sponsor ing legislation for a national Senior Service Corps to give people past 60 some thing constructive to do without loss of retirement funds. . . . He has introduced a bill increasing benefits under his GI Bill, which went into effect June 1. . . . Yarborough made a major move, becoming chairman of the labor subcommittee of labor and public welfare, and giving up his veterans’ affairs chairmanship. His colleagues on the veterans’ panel, including the Senators Kennedy, formally resolved that he’d done a top-flight job. Connally asked that his salary be in creased from $25,000 to $40,000, noting the high number of other state and education officials who have to have salary supplements because his $25,000 sets a ceiling on state salaries. Carr asked that his salary go from $22,500 to $25,000. . . . Lloyd Bentsen, Sr., has purchased a 28,000 ranch 35 miles northwest of Mission. . . . Cong. Jim Wright and Morris Udall invited people to the Washington reception for Larry L. King, author of New American Library’s The One-Eyed Man, just out. . . . State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Roy Evans, regarding himself as unreasonably badgered about minor bills by an Austin motel official, slugged him. . . . The State Parks Board refused to say whether private contributions to establish the park near President Johnson’s ranch are being kept in the Johnson City bank of which Johnson pal A. W. Moursund, a parks commission, is a director. . . . Coke Stevenson, Jr., administrator of the Texas Liquor Control Board, was cleared of a charge that he left the scene of an accident \(a parked car his duty was to his wife, who was in the car with him and injured. LI