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In Texas after a day’s fishing beer’s the one… for good taste, good fun .L.f Wherever you fish for sporton the ocean, by the booming surf, or on some quiet country pond, it’s great at the end of the day to head for a rewarding glass of beer. While you’re talking over the ones that got away, or pan-frying the ones that didn’t, you enjoy the hearty taste and cool refreshment only a glass of beer can give you so well. Yes, whatever your sportbowling or strolling, golfing or gardening a frosty glass of beer makes a naturally great accompaniment. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. 905 International Life Bldg., Austin 1, Texas I am very zealous; I’ll bet the governor’s jealous Because I make more money than he. And I have a school that was named for me. “Sign: “Let’s Make Henderson County a National Park.Yarborough.” Sen. Ralph Yarborough, who is attending, stands up down front, applauding and shakes the hand of the young lady bearing this message to the multitude. From the back, then, King Lyndon I makes his customary entrance, under crown and other royal garb . . . Western boots .. . a long red train, Court Jester Hubert somersaulting down the aisle ahead of him, and Little Princesses No. 1 and No. 2, Perle Mesta, George Reedy, and Ralph following along behind. Ann Richards is Lyndon I, and she has it. Big-dealing it down the aisle, she occupies the stage as only royalty can and sings Lyndon’s song, to the tune of “This land is my land”: This land -is my land. This land is my land. This land is my land. This land is my land. 10 The Texas Observer From Cotulla School House. clean to the White House. This land belongs to only me. From the Pedernales, to Potomac waters, From the white caliche, to the cherry orchards, From my spotted pony, to my big white Lincoln, This land belongs to only me. Speech: “Beloved, how good it is of all of you to come tonight. I felt sure when I called you at 3 o’clock this morning to tell you I wanted you here for a little counseling and reasoning, I knew you’d come. As my daddy, Stephen F. Austin Johnson, used to say to my brother, Sam Houston Johnson. and my great uncle, Davy Crockett Johnson, you can spend your life in asking, but you can’t cut mustard till you command. The great society depends on me, and how well you do what I tell you to do. You cannot be the greatest president in history by resting on your bluebonnets, can you, Ralph?” Ralph: “Speaking of bluebonnets, Mr. President, have you read my Cold War GI Bill?” LBJ: “Aid to Appalachia, aid to schools, the domestic Peace Corps, medicare, it’s all going to pass. Greatest hundred days in history. Course you all know we had to twist a few arms and beat a few bushes, but I been in the bushes lots of times. I’ve been everywhere and I know people, know the way they think. I’ve been a carpenter, sheepherder, farmer, teacher, businessman, been all those things, and the people understand me; it’s just all those foreigners that don’t speak my language. “George, it seems to me there’s been a bunch of press leaking, and I don’t like it.” George: “But Mr. President . . .” LBJ: “I been listening in on all your news conferences, and why in heavens’ name did you say that Lucy Baines is going to visit the Pope? I know you didn’t say, it at a press conference, but I heard you later on my two-way wrist radio. “Marvin, you’re the best I’ve got. It’s wonderful to know we’ve got Democrats like you in Washington. It’s all right to be steeling if it’s Lone Star Steeling. If it hadn’t been for you, Marvin, I wouldn’t have remembered that old Cotulla School House in a million years. . . . “Hubert, the picture in Vet Nam is bad. I’m going to send you as my personal emissary to straighten things out. You and Muriel need a little vacation, anyway.” Ralph: “Mr..President, I need help with my Cold War GI .bill!” LBJ: “Ralph, come to think of it, why don’t you and Opal go with the Humphreys? “Now I know you boys could talk all night, but I’ve been saving a little surprise for you. We’re going to the ranch. I knew you’d be happy. Lady Bird’s got my birthplace all fixed up, and Perle is going to give a fish fry to celebrate. No need to worry about packing. The CIA was in your apartments this afternoon packing you up and your suitcases are on the plane. “And now, let’s go, cause Lyndon loves you, he understands you, knows the way you think. He’s gonna stop poverty! He’s gonna take from the rich. He’ll give it back! . . .” And picking his nose and bellowing out, “This land is my land, this land is my land, this land is my land, this land is my land,” King Lyndon I and his retinue take triumphal leave. Sign-bearer, H. L. Hunt. One: “In your heart you know”Two”Life Line is educational.” New scene: the women demand equal rights to kill their husbands’ mistresses. With the lights flickering madly as in the earliest flicks the seemly wife shoots the comely other woman right out of the lap of the errant spouse. Sign: “Will the real liberal extremists please stand up?” Two or three do. An evening full enough, but the women are not done.; they have a say to say about the Dallas Establishment. Blasphemously got up, in country club clothes, as Erik Jonsson, Troy Post, Bob Cullum, Jim Ling, Ben Carpenter, John Stemmons, Bankers Stewart and Aston, they gather before the Dallas skyline of skyscrapers and dollar tablishment”: