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R. Briscoe, Alvin; A. Farfel, Houston; W. Yeager, Midland; B. Welder, Corpus Christi; J. Waller, Crockett; W. Blakemore, Midland; J. Rhodes, Odessa; V. Brill, San Antonio; B. Cowser, Center; P. Davis, Midland; G. Clark, Corpus Christi; T. Sealy, Midland; R. Johnston, Houston; H. Beaton, Fort Worth. To Don Yarborough $1,000 or more: C. Mossier, Houston, las, 1,000; R. Gilbert, Houston, 1,020; Jim Phelps, Houston, 1,000; Henry Hute, Houston, 1,200; Allen Gollatt, Houston, 1,469.29; Louis Lowenstein, Houston, 1,000; J. R. Hamil, Houston, 1,000; Tom Bones, Corpus Christi, 1,200; John H. Phelan III, Houston, 1,000; Jerry Tabor, Houston, 1,500; Henry Swenyel, Houston, 1,000. $501-$999: L. A. Muecke, Houston, 718.75; Sam Calyayinne, Houston, 525; Jim Phelps, Houston, 850; Arthur L. Mixon, Graham, 625.60; Henry Hultz, Seabrook, 600. $500: Mrs. R. Randolph, Houston; Joseph Cotton, Houston; L. Muecke, Houston; Bill McIntyre, Navasota; Dale Yarborough, Houstan; F. 0. Masten, Sudan; Don Shepherd, Houston; Rex Braun, Houston. To M. T. Banks No contributions $500 or more. To Mrs. J. M. Hackworthe No contributions. To Ralph Yarborough $1,000 or more: James T. Smith, Amarillo, 1,000; Reagan Legg, Midland, 1,000; Marlin E. Sandlin, Houston, 1,000; Mrs. Joe C. Yarborough, El Paso, 1,000; Julius M. Gordon, Beaumont, 1,000; R. E. Smith, . son, Austin, 1,000; Walter G. Hall and Mrs. Helen L. Hall, League City, 2,500, each; `Ralph Bell, Dickinson, 1,000; John F. Maher, Houston, 1,000; Louis Romano, Houston, 5,000; A. B. Hamil, Houston, 1,000; Cyril J. Smith, Houston, 1,500; 0. G. Wellborn, Houston, 2,500; Ed Clark, C. Mann, Dallas, 1,000; E. A. Gabriel, Houston, 1,000; Roberta P. Dickson, Austin, 1,000; Roger Daily, Houston, 2,500. An $85,000 Typo From the Corpus Christi Caller May 21, quoting GOP Senate candidate Jack Cox: “Cox said that Bush spent almost three times as much money as the other three candidates combined in the first primary. `I think Republicans will prove that the Senate seat is not for sale now orin November,’ he said. “. . . Cox said … that he expects only about $85,000 Republicans will vote in the runoff, and the difference will be in which candidate can get most of his supporters to the polls.” $501-999: Percy Selden, Houston, 750. $500: L. L. Crane, Port Neches, trustee; Morris B. Zale, Dallas; Fagan Dickson, Austin; J. Howard Marshall II, Houston; Royce E. Wisenbaker; McHenry Tichenor, Harlingen; Milton T. Smith, Austin; Tom McKnight, Odessa; E. H. Suhr, Houston; H. J. Yarborough, Dallas; Louis J. Hexter, Dallas; W. J. Worsham, Pecos; F. M. O’Connor, Houston; C. C. Wyche, Irving. To Gordon McLendon $1,000 or more: Edgar J. Wicker, Dallas, 1,000; Paul W. Trusdale, Los Angeles, Cal., 1,000; Stephen Rooth, Dallas, 1,000; Seymour Afanbel, Los Angeles, Cal., 1,000; Mrs. Patricia D. Beck, Dallas, 2,000; C. W. Murchison, Dallas, 1,000; Wofford Cain, Dallas, 1,000; Roy B., R. F., and J. B. B.G. Byars, Tyler, 1,000; Robert J. Bradley, Dallas, 1,000; J. A. Elkins, Houston, 1,000; Roy B. Loftin, Los Angeles, 1,000. $501-999: Eugene McDermott, Dallas, 900. $500: J. W. and J. F. Blackburn, AlexOmaha, Neb.; Marcus Cohn, Washington, Dallas; E iii S. Heyser, Jr., Dallas; J. D. Wrather, Jr., Dallas; James E. Kemp, Dallas; George Parker, Jr., San Antonio; H. J. Griffith, Dallas; John Abdnor, Dallas; William Moss, Dallas; John D. Hill, Dallas; Virginia Self, Dallas; Travis T. Wallace, Dallas; *Frank A. Schultz, Dallas; George C. Anson, Dallas. To George Bush $1,000 or more: Wm. P. Clements, Jr., Dallas, 7,200 \(six separate sums from Wm. Frank P. Zoch, Corpus Christi, 6,080 \(five separate sums from Frank P., F., and F.P. New York, trustee, 4,000; Jonathan J. Turnbull, Corpus Christi, 5,57.0 \(five separate sums, with Turnbull identified as Zoch, Corpus Christi, 1,270; F. Turnbull, Corpus Christi, 1,100; R. H. Cullen, Houston, 1,000; Roy Cullen, Houston, 1,000; T. N. Law, Houston, 2,500; L. R. French, Jr., Odessa, 1,000; B. C. Garnett, Corpus Christi, 1,000; M. H. Baxter, Midland, 1,000; Tom Fowler, Midland, 1,000; Sid Lindley, Midland, 1,000; Bruce Scrofford, Dallas, 1,000; M. Allday, Midland, 1,000; C.Fred Chambers, Houston, 1,000; J. Zeppa, Tyler, 1,500. $501-$999: Bill Gill, Dallas, trustee, 10,850 \(15 separate sums of either 550 or 810 4,400 \(eight separate sums from P. and Christi, trustee, 3,680 \(four separate sums F. Turnbull, Corpus Christi, trustee, 1,100 Christi, 920; W. E. Armentrout, Dallas, 579; W. H. Archer, Dallas, 579. $500: Mrs. C. C. O’Leary, Houston; M. R. Underwood, Houston; Max E. Banks, Amarillo; S. C. Moore, Midland; Richard B. Dorn, Corpus Christi; F. J. Malloy, Orange; R. Mosbacher, Houston; C. Fred Chambers, Houston; T. J. Falgout, Sr., Galveston; A. 0. Morgan, Corpus Christi; H. L. Brown, Jr., Midland; John Terrill, Midland; J. R. Frankel, Houston; M. R. Underwood, Houston; Isaac Arnold, Houston; C. R. Gallagher, Jr., Lubbock; Earl Rodman, Jr., Lubbock; M. F. Lawless, Odessa; Gordon G. Wilbur, Dallas; E. L. Cox, Dallas; L. L. Mitchell, Dallas; J. D. Murchison, Dallas; C. F. Cullinan, Jr., Houston; J. F. Riddell, Jr., Houston; Wright Cowden, Midland; Gordon S. Know, Midland; E. Wilson Germany, Dallas; B. Scrofford, Dallas; P. R. Bass, Fort Worth; E. W. Brown, Jr., Orange; Dixon H. Cain, Houston; Benjamin Eshleman, Corpus Christi. To Jack Cox $1,000 or more: Henry Stollenwerck, Dallas, 1,500; J. Grimm, Abilene, 4,500 \(in Clark, Breckenridge, 1,000; P. W. Pitzer, Jr., Breckenridge, 2,000; N. Hunt, Dallas, 2,500; A. Hill, Dallas, 2,500; Russell Pryor, Houston, 1,000; L. Sands, Dallas, 2,500; L. W. Breck, El Paso, 1,000; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Stone, San Angelo, 3,000. $501-$999: None. $500: Ray Smith, Abilene; Roy WhitJ. Grimm, Abilene; Ralph A. Johnston, Houston; Doug Forde, Dallas; Ed Templeton, Abilene; Bert Mann, San Angelo; Russell Pryor, Houston; Tom Medders, Jr., Wichita Falls; Bill Pitzer, Breckenridge; Tom Duke, Amarillo. To Robert Morris $1,000 or more: Roberta H. Pew, Dallas, 1,000; Robert Morris, Dallas \(the candi$501-$999: None. $500: Fred J. Agnich, Dallas; Tom Lineberry, Midland. To Milton Davis $1,000 or more: None. $501-$999: None. $500: Isadore Maritzsky, Longview. LI May 29, 1964 7 SPLIT RAIL INN 217 South Lamar Where Union Men Meet