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Sen. Yarborough’s reports showed about $71,000 apparently paid or payable to Action Agency, a public relations firm that handled TV matters for the senator. George Bush of the GOP reported total payments to “Brown & Snyder, Advertising” of $109,000. Jack Cox of the GOP reported $34,000 paid to Drake Agency. But such figures can be taken only as very rough approximations of funds committed to. advertising. Lt. Gov. Preston Smith’s reports showed a total of $29,932 in gifts and $25,204 in payments. On May 11, the date of Smith’s final report, it shows, Smith made a campaign disbursement of $3,600 to himself. The notation reads: “Preston Smith \(expenses incurred while traveling since announcing which he paid personally-at rate THE OTHER REPORTS are of merely passing interest: Cong.-at-Large Joe Pool reported that his contributions totaled $16,013.50, of which $500 came from Clint Murchison, Jr., Dallas, $1,000 from Berl E. Godfrey, the finance man in Fort Worth, $100 from Tom Sealy of Midland, and $50, from Maurice Carlson, former Republican county chairman in Dallas. Pool spent only $9,773.61. His runoff opponent, Bob Baker of Houston, reported gifts of $18,370 and spent more than twice that, $39,591. Dan Sullivan of Andrews, who ran third, received only $1,895.50 and borrowed another $1,625. Bill Elkins of Greenville had no contributions; Bob Looney of Austin, $500. John Dowdy, congressman from Lufkin, plunged with payments of $32,696.55, although his gifts totaled only $19,094. “R. L. Dailey and others” gave Dowdy $3,000. Dowdy’s challenger, Benton Musslewhite of Lufkin, received $19,495 \(including spent $25,508.88. Both runoff finalists in the Valley congressional race reported loans: Rep. Kika de la Garza, $20,000 from McAllen State Bank, and Rep. Lindsey Rodriguez, $1,000 from Randolph AFB National Bank. Neither said if anyone co-signed them. However; the candidate who did not get in the runoff, Gene McCullough, volunteered the information that there were six endorsers of his note of $2,100, starting off with his county Democratic chairman, Jack Skaggs of Harlingen. De la Garza reported gifts of just $3,310 but spent $15,202.46; Rodriguez had gifts of $7,770, including $500 from “UAW Dallas” and $250 from COPE in Fort Worth, and spent $8,232.65; and McCullough had gifts of $5,607 and spent $8,587.53. Out in West Texas, the runoff leader for the Democratic Congressional spot, Richard White, spent twice as much as his fellow El Pasoan, Malcolm McGregor, who followed him into the runoff. White reported contributions of $10,302.48, loans \(Amarillo Bank of Commerce, El Paso Na6 The Texas Observer of $35,000, and expenditures of $47,599.03. McGregor had gifts of $22,871, including two loans from State National Bank of El Paso which he turned into his campaign, and expenditures of $23,007.98. Cong. Omar Burleson, Anson, had gifts of $15,659.50, payments of $16,935.66. His challenger, Max Carriker, Roby, had gifts of $8,233, payments of $8,097.41. For a novelty one may turn to the report Austin The Observer presents here its tabulation of contributions from individuals of $500 or more to the candidates in the contested primaries for U.S. senator and governor in Texas this spring. The contributions are gathered in three categories, $500 exactly, $501 to $999, and $1,000 or more. Contributions from the same person, or apparently from the same person, are totaled within these categories, but the same contributors will sometimes be found under different categories because they gave sums that fell in different categories. Gov . Connally’s report lists first initials of contributors, in the main,, but the other reports give complete names, in the main; we have followed the reports themselves. Only contributions of $500 or more are here recorded; thus, someone may have given more to a candidate than here appears, if he gave additional sums of less than $500. The law requires that candidates report “money or any other thing of value” received as campaign contributions, but none of the Senate or gubernatorial candidates reported anything except money, except Sen. Yarborough as already mentioned. We have not repeated the sign before the sums specified in this report; those sums designate numbers of dollars given. To John Connally $1,000 or more: H. Butt, Corpus Christi, 2,500; A. Glassel, Houston, 1,000; N. Stark, Orange, 1,000; T. Rodan, Odessa, 1,000; F. Waters, Houston, 1,000; G. McGaha, Wichita Falls, 1,000; F. Wood, Wichita Falls, 1,000; N. Landrum, Dallas, 1,000; H. Coffield, Rockdale, 1,000; J. Mecom, Houston, 5,000; L. Meyer, Houston, 1,000; C. Phinney, Dallas, 1,000; P. Rutherford, Houston, 1,000; J. Crooker, Houston, 1,000; W. Weeks, Tyler, 1,000; L. Arnold, Houston, 2,500; C. Prothro, Wichita Falls, 1,000; R. Smith, Houston, 1,000; J. Josey, Houston, 2,000; C. Marsh, Midland, 1,000; R. Cauble, Crockett, 2,500; G. Warren, Corpus Christi, 1,000; J. Boggus, Harlingen, 1,000; A. Temple, Diboll, 1,000; F. Wheeler, Houston, 1,000; A. Petsch, Fredericksburg, 1,000; J. O’Boyle, Dallas, 1,000; H. Robinson, Houston, 1,000; A. Morgan, Corpus Christi, 1,000; Vinson, Elkins, Weems & Searls, Houston, 2,500; from Rep. Ronald Bridges, who ran a losing race against Sen. Bruce Reagan in Corpus Christi. Bridges reported some gifts of value other than money: 25 dozen buns, 24 pounds of weiners, eight pounds of potato chips, 25 dozen donuts, and 12 bags of cornchips. Reagan reported gifts of $22, 600; Bridges, of $8,255.50. Bridges’ free grub did not quite make up the difference. R.D. M. Halbouty, Houston, 1,000; B. Long, Austin, 1,000; H. Stark, Orange, 1,000; M. Heath, Austin, 1,250; J. Perry, Houston, 2,500; C. Murchison, Jr., Dallas, 2,500; J. Murchison, Dallas, 2,500; R. Smith, Dallas, 1,000; L. Meadows, Dallas, 1,000; J. Ling, Dallas, 1,250; G. Johnson, Dallas, 1,250; C. Seay, Dallas, 1,500; J. Bond, Dallas, 1,000; W. Hawn, Dallas, 1,000; W. Cain, Dallas, 3,000; T. Post, Dallas, 1,000; E. McDermott, Dallas, 1,000; J. Aston, Dallas, 1,000; L. Dupree, Dallas, 1,000; George Brown, Houston, 1,750; R. Cullen, Houston, 2,500; R. Bond, Dallas, 1,000; V. Newhouse, McAllen, 3,000; D. W. Forbes, Dallas, 1,000; F. Tannery, Dallas, 1,000; R. Strauss, Dallas, 2,000; F. Appleman, Fort Worth, 1,500; H. Frensley, Houston, 1,750; R. Holliday, Houston, 1,000; H. Masterson, Houston, 1,000; C. Robertson, Houston, 2,500; D. Marshall, Houston, 2,500; W. Bellows, Jr., Houston, 1,000; G. Mann, Dallas, 1,000; W. Heath, Austin, 1,250; W. Davis, Austin, 1,250; F. Albritton, Jr., Bryan, 1,000; C. Ingles, San Antonio, 1,250; R. Brooks, Austin, 1,500. $501-$999: G. Hawn, Corpus Christi, 900; B. Hawn, Corpus Christi, 900; J. Hawn, Corpus Christi, 950; R. Foree, Dallas, 525; E. Winterman, Eagle, Lake, 520. $500: R. House, San Antonio; H. Mills, Burkburnett; H. Atherton, San Antonio; J. Crooker, Houston; D. Bruton, Jr., Dallas; J. Haggar Jr., Dallas; E. Heyser Jr., Dallas; Angus Wynne, Jr., Dallas; J. Jonsson, Dallas; B. Fields, Dallas; R. Cousins, Dallas; J. Stemmons, Dallas; W. Landress, Dallas; E. Rigg, Dallas; M. Killian, San Antonio; H. Shands, Jr., Lufkin; A. Underwood, Lubbock; R. Martin, Lubbock; D.Arnold, Houston; D. Searls, Houston; R. Thompson, Houston; G. Butler, Houston; J. Oshman, Houston; W. Smith, Houston; H. ‘Webb, Houston; T. Smith, _Houston; J. Gurley, Houston; C. Gibbons, Midland; J. Smith, Amarillo; R. Brown, Midland; B. Godfrey, Fort Worth; J. W. Gorman, San Antonio; Ewing Halsell, San Antonio; C. Canter, Houston; P. Lake, Tyler; E.Schur, Odessa; E. Green, Pampa; P. Howell, San Antonio; D. Dillingham, Abilene; J. Key, Odessa; G. Woodfin, Houston; A. Allison, Levelland; J. Burns, Austin; H.. Smith, Sulphur Springs; G. Kimbell, Wichita Falls; W, Goldston, Houston; Contributions of $500 Or More in Two Races