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Campaign Cards k. Placards & Bumperstrip& Brochures 8: Flyers k Letterheads k elopes k Vertical Posters & Buttons 87. Ribb ons & Badges & Process Color Work & Art Work K. Forms & Newspapers & Political P riffling & Books & Silk Screen Work & Mar , nt s & Car Sins & Novelties K Pictu a nt tit or t it al s Silk Screen Work & Poliut al Printing Novelties & IVIzpeograph Supplies & Convent on Badges g: Advertising Campaigns & Static onery k Cards & Announcements & Invitatio Il now that Johnson has become President. At last report, Yarborough is to select the new judge. V Americans for Constitutional Action, the hyperconservative congressional rating service, scores Texans thusly for 1963: Tower 100%, Yarborough 5%; Foreman and Alger 100%, Patman, Brooks, Thomas, Thompson, Young, Gonzalez, all 0%; and Fisher 94%, Casey 79, Pool 78, Dowdy 78, Kilgore 75, Teague 54, Mahon 50, Rogers 47, Roberts 44, Poage 35, Beckworth 33, Purcell 19, Wright 13. V Sen. Tower has taken up the fight to permit the killing of golden eagles from aircraft, in contrast to Sen. Yarborough’s position they ought to be left alone. . . . Texans voted 13-9 against the federal pay increase bill in the House \(it three other Texans union officials met with President Johnson to ask that his war on poverty include a war on border commuters; politics was not discussed, Brown said. . . . Leslie Carpenter speculates Cong. Kilgore may run for governor in 1966. . . . Dallas banker Ben Wooten warns of “a growing socialistic trend.” V The Houston Chronicle says the Texas Racing Assn. has sold 150 charter memberships at $1000 eachtotal pot, $150,000and will risk it all on a drive for legal horse betting in Texas by 1966. The churches will not confine their countermeasures to prayers for the wicked. 12 The Texas Observer SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 West 24th Street Austin 5, Texas Enclosed is $5.00 for a oneyear subscription to the Observer for: Name Address City, State 0 This is a renewal. Ei This is a new subscription. Viva Johnson Clubs Albert Fuentes, Jr., candidate for lieu tenant governor, announced formation of “Viva Johnson” clubs in Texas, an act designed in part to forestall Johnsonian hostility toward PASO, which is the Political Association for Spanish-Speaking Organizations. p o st An announcement from the five direc tors of the Viva Johnson ClubsE. B. Taylor, Dickinson; Noe Garza, Corpus Christi; Bob Sanchez, McAllen ; Willie Diaz, Del Rio, and Fuentessaid the clubs will help “real Democrats” win the Democratic conventions and write a state platform committed to support LBJ and his legislative proposals. “There is grave danger that President Johnson may be embarrassed and handicapped in the eyes of the whole nation unless all real Texas Democrats move quickly,” the announcement said. V In an associated news release, Bexar Cty. Cmsr. Albert Pena, PASO state chairman, said, “The anti-Johnson program conservatives have already telegraphed their strategy. They will say they are for Johnson but not hip program.” Pena asked PASO members to go to their conventions and advocate Johnson’s nomination and his war on poverty, civil rights, medicare, federal aid to education, wage and hour laws, and the end of the bracero program. V President Johnson designated Dr. Hector Garcia, the Corpus Christi physician who stormed out of a state PASO convention, as his representative “with the rank of Special Ambassador” to attend the ceremonies incident to the inauguration of the president of Venezuela recently. LBJ and Connally V The John Connallys’ visit to the LBJ Ranch for Easter dinner alone with the Johnsons naturally gives rise to the conclusion that the President intended that the visit be taken as his support of Connally over Don Yarborough. The timing of the visit, less than five weeks before the primary vote, argues more persuasively for this conclusion than the governor’s pro forma statement that it was strictly a “friendly, personal, social” visit argues against it. poor Neil Addington writes in a Houston Post column that Don Yarborough was critical of the Texas press and Johnson in 1962 but praises both this year. V “PIPE,” the “Public Interest Political Education Fund,” is soliciting funds again for the campaigns of conservative candidates for the legislature from rural areas. Ed C. Burris, executive vice-president of the Texas Manufacturers’ Assn., signed a March 16 solicitation of “$50 or $100 to assist in assuring a conservative legislature in 1965.” Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 Dr. Louis E. Buck Veterinarian House Call Practice GR 2-5879 House Call Fee No More Than Office Call Fee Group Subscriptions A message for the special attention of liberal groups or union locals: Subscriptions to the Observer can be bought by groups at a cost of $4 a -year, provided ten or more subscrip tions are entered at one time. If you belong to a group that might be in terested in this, perhaps you will want to take the matter up with the others. For Jobs and Freedom MARTIN ELFANT FOR YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE HARRIS COUNTY POS. 5 A FULL TIME LIBERAL